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DSL Speed Test

At some point, you have probably checked the gas mileage on your car or made sure your home alarm system works, but unless you are a hardcore Internet user you probably have never thought about performing a DSL speed test. Your connection seems to be working as it should, so why would you? The most

How to Enable SCSI BIOS on Adaptec

An SCSI hard drive is connected to the motherboard on the inside of your computer via a ribbon cable. These hard drives are typically housed on the inside of your case, due to the fact that they must always be near the motherboard. Enabling a SCSI drive on an Adaptec computer involves going into the

Basic types of Small Scale Businesses.

India is a country that has many Small Scale Businesses and cottage. These industries though large in number can be broadly classified into five distinct groups. This consists of manufacturing industries, service industries, feeder industries, ...

How to Fix IE7

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) is the default browser of the Windows Vista operating system. The Web browser was created by Microsoft and released as an upgrade from Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer has since been upgraded to a new version, IE8. While problems with IE7 can be corrected using troubl

How to Translate UPC Barcodes

A Universal Product Code, or UPC barcode, identifies products by manufacturer and product name. The UPC barcode is made up of thin and thick black lines and a series of numbers. Translating a UPC barcode requires a barcode scanner or an online application. Universal Product Codes were initially used