How to Properly Install Blinds?

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How to Position a Desk, Hutch and Wing Chair in a Room

You can transform an ordinary room into a stylish home office by making use of a desk, hutch and wing back chair. The latter has been popping up in home offices in bright paisleys and romantic spring colors. Colorful wing back chairs add whimsy and a creative elegance to an otherwise vanilla desk se

Becoming An Interior Decorator

Before we ask if you want to become an interior decorator, we should ask, what is an Interior Decorator? An interior decorator has a misunderstood job. Many imagine an interior decorator picking out ornate colors, dealing with fancy fabrics and generating creative work every second of the day.

What Are the Different Colors of House Shingles?

Home shingles are available in variety of colors.tiled roof image by Dmitry Goygel-Sokol from Fotolia.comHouse shingles are sold by several manufacturers and are available in almost any color. Shingle colors can be complementary, darker or lighter. The granules that comprise asphalt...

Decorating With the Color Pink

When most people think of pink, they think of a little girl's bedroom. The color has quickly become popular for decorating all over the home, and is no longer just thought of as a color that little girls love.

Ideas for Window Cornices

Window cornices are an inexpensive and simple way to make a room more attractive. Many high-end homes have cornices on every window, but you don't have to be rich to afford your own beautiful windows. With even a minimal investment of money and time, you can make a cornice that you can enjoy for yea

How to Remove Body Odors From a Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are full of small polyurethane bubbles that will hold water if you machine-wash it. You cannot dry-clean memory foam pillows, either. To remove body odor smells, it is necessary to spot-clean the pillow with water and a mild laundry detergent. Air-dry the pillow completely before

How to Design a Wall by Installing Mirrors

If you have a plain and boring wall that is screaming for a bit of decorating, there are many options to add pizzazz. You can search for that perfect piece of artwork. You can paint it with a texture. You can also design a feature wall by installing mirrors. Mirrored walls of today are nothing l

Bedroom Makeover Ideas for Children

Make a themed bedroom your child will enjoy.Tim Klein/Lifesize/Getty ImagesIf you are looking to make over your child's bedroom, there are several routes you can take to create a brand new room. While some children want a fully themed bedroom, others enjoy smaller changes that suit their...

Primitive Birdhouse Ideas

While purple martins may prefer to live in the bird equivalent of a luxury condo, the average songbird is happy to find a snug, dry nook more closely resembling what it might find in its native habitat. Before you try to duplicate the White House in miniature, learn more about the birds you want to

How to Sponge Texture Walls

Painting a wall with a sponge gives the wall an interesting texture that you can't achieve with regular painting techniques. Using this sponge texture technique also allows you to layer various colors on top of each other to get the exact shading you want for the room. Though sponging a wall is a si

How to Make Your Own Gothic Deco

Whether you personally consider yourself a "Goth" or you are just drawn to the Gothic style of furniture and architecture of days gone by, there are several do-it-yourself projects you can take on to achieve Gothic decor. Consider adding Gothic touches to your color choices, window treatments, furni

A New Look For Your Bedroom With A Duvet Cover

If it's time to redo your bedroom, have you ever given any thought to replacing your old bedding with a duvet cover or a duvet set? You will probably be amazed at all of the choices there are out there for duvets. They come in many colors and designs, so finding something that appeals to you sh