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How to Remove Detail Stripes from a Car

Detail stripes can customize your car to look sporty and sassy, elegant and refined, or make a personal statement. Both painted and vinyl detail stripes look good when new, but time and the environment can eventually cause chipping, bubbling, or peeling stripes to detract from the look of the car an

How to Wire Boat Electronics

If you have the fish finder, the GPS and your marine VHF radio sitting in your garage, ready to install on your boat, you can wire them yourself. The marine electronics industry and National Marine Electronic Manufacturers Association have seen to it that marine electronic systems have common, stand

How to Replace a 2004 Honda CRV Brake Lamp

In 1997, Honda added a compact SUV, the CR-V, to the automaker's growing lineup. In 2002, Honda redesigned the CR-V, giving it a more round design. Though the body changed, the 2002 redesign retained the CR-V's well-known long, vertical taillight assemblies. This design of the CR-V lasted through th

How to Replace a 1997 Mustang Fuel Filter

Your 1997 Ford Mustang uses an inline fuel filter mounted in front of the fuel tank to trap dirt, rust and other particles that can damage the injector nozzles and other components. However, you cannot service the filter element once it becomes clogged. You will need to replace it. This is a one hou

How to Thaw Windshield Washer Fluid

A windshield washer reservoir can become frozen due to using washer fluid that is not adequate for winter use. Most windshield washer formulas for winter use are made with a high concentrate of methanol and ethylene glycol to prevent freezing. According to Iowa State University, methanol does not fr

What Is MT-1 Gear Oil?

Gear oils are designed to protect engine parts and seals from breaking down from high pressure and temperatures. You can find many different types of oils that contain additives to better protect the internal parts. It is vital to make sure you use the proper oil and additive for your particular veh

1973 Nova 350 Specs

The third generation Chevy Nova for 1973 would see the arrival of the new Nova hatchback based on the two door coupe. The front and rear of the vehicle was redesigned. A 5-mile-per-hour bumper was added, due to new federal safety standards. The exterior also underwent changes,...

How to Repair Frozen Brake Pads

Seized brakes, also known as "frozen" or "stuck" brakes, can be frustrating to the car or truck owner. Frozen brakes prevent the vehicle from being used or could create a potentially dangerous road hazard when driving. There are several different causes of frozen brakes: misaligned parking brakes or

How to Use Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are used to start a vehicle with a dead battery. The jumper cables are attached to the dead battery and a fully charged battery in another vehicle. This must be done correctly and in the right order to avoid sparks or a shock. It is also important to disconnect the jumper cables in the

How to Remove a Muffler Clamp

When you are underneath your car preparing to remove the muffler, you will notice that the pipe joins together with clamps. These are muffler clamps which can seem nearly impossible to remove. Rain, snow and heat cause rust to build up around the clamp threads which makes the nuts almost become a so

How to Bleed Wilwood Calipers

Wilwood calipers have a few differences from standard calipers. Some models will have four bleeder screws on each caliper because they have internal fluid passages, but the bleeding process is still similar to that of standard calipers.