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Breast Implants Pros and Cons: the Big Question

Breast implants are among the most popular of surgeries conducted today. It is the most performed plastic surgery in the USA, with over 300,000 operations performed this year alone. In all, though breast augmentation procedures are generally safe, one should always consider the pros and cons of havi

Yogalates Weight Loss System for Women

Terms such as yogalates often seem to be a typical fitness con / fad designed to make a quick buck from poorly advised people looking to lose weight. At first, I thought that the term yogalates was a

Female Quadis In Iran

The Article examines the situation of women in the Iranian legal field. Through an analysis of the Islamic Law and the Iranian constitution it will be demonstrated why women should not be denied the access of any leadership position.

Women' s Health

A women's reproductive cycle begins with the onset of menstruation and ends with menopause, when menstruation ceases. Physical and emotional problems associated with this cycle are generally due to a hormonal imbalance. The homeopathic approach to women's problems not only takes into accou

Yeast Infection - Causes And Prevention

When attempting to identify infection causes, you have to know the basics. Candida or yeast bacterium is really a fungus which can stay naturally in our bodies totally undetected. As long as our bodies keep the right balance of "good bacteria" and have a healthy immune system you may perha

Alternative Cures For Ovarian Cysts

If you are thinking about using alternative cures for ovarian cysts, there is much you can do for relief from this often painful condition. The whole focus is based around rebalancing any imbalances which occur within the body and shift the environment within the body to one which, quite simply, can

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery - The Advantages and Disadvantages

It is natural to want to remain young and beautiful for the greater part of your life. Thus, it is perfectly normal to seek different solutions to improve your facial and body look. The cosmetic eyelid surgery is on of the most popular options for women and for men as well.

Magazines: Mans Best Friend

Magazines are a man's best friend. Imagine having a friend, who constantly entertains you, humors you. tickles you…and gives you company not only in the icy confines of the tundra but also in the blistering desert sands of the Sahara….in a remote jungle o

How to Choose the Right Beauty Products for Your Skin

Your skin is the only natural protection your body has from the elements of the harsh outside world. We have to worry about it dehydrating, drying out, losing colour, losing its firmness and trying to prevent signs of aging as we get older.

Breast Implant Sizers - Methods For Determining Your Breast Implant Size

Breast implant sizers are sample breast implants designed for women considering breast augmentation.Several methods exist including home made versions as well as commercial systems.Women considering breast augmentation should consider using breast implant sizers to make sure they choose the right br

Treatments of Yeast Infections - Some Important Things to Know

Yeast infection or candidiasis is a fungal disease caused by a yeast species named candida albicans. Candidiasis is a very common disease to women, but men and kids also suffer from this disease quite often. It can be superficial like skin candidiasis, vaginitis or thrush. But it can also be life th

Scar Free Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation may be done without leaving a scar on the breast through the transaxillary (armpit) approach. Through a very small 1 inch incision, saline breast implants may be placed under the muscle for breast enlargement.

Plastic Surgery - Tummy Tucks

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery which is used to make your abdomen muscles tighter and to reduce excessive fat. In this plastic surgery, excessive skin cells and fats are removed from the abdomen, thereby making it look thinner and flatter.