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Discerning Spots and Blemishes

This article addresses the need to discern false prophets and teachers in the body of Christ. Practical teaching from scripture clarifies the warning signs distinguishing them from the merely immature

Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell was a well-known scholar on the topic of myth and comparative religion. His analysis of the hero's journey can be connected to many of the legends and lore in modern Pagan traditions.

Universalism According to the Apostle Peter

Did Peter say the same things about sin and eternity as His Master? Did he allow for Universalism in his thinking? What about the "restoration of all things" in Acts 3?

Christian Colleges & Universities in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a number of private, comprehensive Christian colleges and universities. Faith-based post-secondary education is popular among some Christians. According to Gary Ledbetter in his article "Benefits of a Christian Higher Education" on, Christian universities or colleg

Reflections on a Difficult Gospel Passage - The Lord's Supper

It is unfortunate that although intended as a symbol of our unity in Jesus Christ, the Lord's Supper has become a point of division among Christians across the millennia. In addition to distinct understandings surrounding the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper which include (but not limited to

Know The Reasons Of Popularity For Kwan Yin Statue

In China, the goddess of mercy is named as Kuan Yin or Quan Yin or Kwan Yin or Guan Yin. According to the legend, she was an enlightened being, who gave up her right to enter through the Gates of Paradise; but the cries of suffering beings on Earth impelled her to return. Guan Yin is known as the Bo

Is Free Psychic Reading Online Worth A Try?

Get confused about recognizing whether a Free Online Psychic Reading is worth a try or not? Don't forget to consult this article, and find the answers for your nagging questions now!

What Does the Holy Spirit Do for the Church?

The first thing to realize is that the Holy Spirit is a person; a person who is here for the church of Jesus Christ. He has many areas that He helps the church in. The first thing we will discuss is t

How to Write Worship Songs - Three Important Issues

We seem to be awash with new worship music at the present time and, frankly, a lot of it isn't very good. It is an unfortunate fact that bad music in a popular idiom, whether it is Christian

Korean Beliefs of the Tiger

The significance of the tiger in Korean culture dates back to the myth of Dangun, in which a bear and tiger want to become human. However, a variety of different fairy tales and folklores have depicted the tiger with different characteristics. They can be scary, violent or bring good luck. Tigers ar

A Person is Only Limited by the Thoughts He Chooses

Many of the circumstances in a person's life are often produced by him, or her self. I believe we each create our own luck, whether it be good or bad. Consciously, or unconsciously, we may have at some time or another, produced our own conditions, desirable, or undesirable, either in our bodily

How to Make a Good Fantasy Map

Fantasies take place in worlds that are completely different from our own. Not only are the laws of physics often different, but there are usually fantastical creatures, strange plants and an entirely different history. In addition, there is most often a geography unique to any fantasy world. As suc

Invisible Diggers

How often do we think of those who are involved in preparing the final resting place for our loved ones? They are invisible to most of us.

What are Some Bible Games for Youth That Demonstrate Responsibilities?

The topic of responsibility is an important theme in the Bible, and one that is highly relevant for the world of young Christians (and their pastors). From Cain's question to God, "Am I my brother's keeper?" to the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, to debates over community life in the

Elemental Correspondences

Ceremonial occult systems traditionally depend on systems of correspondences: collections of items that are all associated in some way with the desired goal. While the types of correspondences are nearly endless, associations between elements, seasons, time of day, elements, moon phases and directio

Heaven – The Goal of Our Conversion Journey

After we have drawn our last breath, our heart stops beating, our brain ceases to function, and our body is growing cold, we begin our final stage of our conversion journey, the stage that leads to He

Portraits of Birth Control

Dana and her husband have four kids, and are expecting another one soon. And they could not be happier.