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Negative Effects of Global Warming - Effects on Weather

The negative effects of global warming have now become a matter of concern for governments all around the world. It is predicted that rise in the planet's temperature will continue and get much worse in the future if stringent steps are not taken to stop it right from now.

The Price Of Non Professionalism

People in developing countries like India have in general inherited the virtue of being generous in many matters. It was a practice more suiting the nature of people with an intention of doing a holy service. As of now the resources are dwindling. It is no more a time of "Gods offering in Plent

Concerns Behind the Tea Party Movement

The words 'Tea Party' seem to be in everyone's lips nowadays, most particularly with the American Presidential race just around the corner and the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests becoming a lot

Tips on Tipping

There are too many people many people who aren't aware which service providers are supposed to get tipped due to the service that they provide you. I have put a list together to help, you the consumer, understand when to leave a tip. Please know that this list is not inclusive and is numbered i

Dream like a child

Are you dreaming? Dreaming of a better life? Dreaming to help your child to go to college? Or, driving that dream vehicle? Like everyone, on this planet we all have dreams. Need a mentor to achieve th

Increasing Your Wealth Luck With The Three Legged Frog

In Feng Shui there is a mythical creature that is said to come out on a full moon and bring money and good fortune to those that are near it. This mythical creature is Chan Chu or the Three Legged Frog which is better known as the Money Frog. This symbol can be found almost anywhere in Asia and now

How To Select The Right Catering Service Provider

Food is an integral part of all the wisdom of the choice must be made a part of the military service catering. But how to choose that CATERER? It is important that you are ok, as they often require sampling decision.

Computer Recycling - The Basics

Computer recycling is pretty much mandatory these days.Most trash pickup will not take computers, so it is up to you to dispose of them.Computer recycling allows the computer to be reused or for it to be broken down so the parts can be used again.By recycling your old computer you are helping to kee

Crime Scene Clean Up Business: Deconstructed!

With the crime graph rising across all urban cities, one will currently create a business out of cleaning places where the crime itself has occurred. In this new business domain, you'll be able to be your own boss, set your own timings and charge the fees that you simply deem acceptable. Blood

The Joke's on us

This week's post is about the GOP's attempt to push a balance-the-budget amendment to the United States Constitution. They failed and this post examines the reasons why and also why

Why Not Turn That City Into a Real Gated Community?

Not far from my picture-perfect and picturesque California suburban neighborhood there is a small town that has an incredible drug problem, it has a high school dropout rate of 50%, and many of the people getting out of California prison end up in halfway houses there. Worse, because there is a mark

'Twas the Night Before Liberal Christmas v2006

Keeping with my latest tradition I present to you the 2006 version of 'Twas the Night Before Liberal Christmas; a parody of the years events and the liberals that brought them to us.

The Stun Gun Effects on Certain Types of Clothing

The stun gun is one of the self defense weapons of today that you can bring anywhere to keep you safe. There are types of clothing that can resist the electric shocks of the stun gun while there are other kinds, too, where the shots can effectively go through.

The Latest Insanity From The American Political Class

Tis article reviews some of the latest insanity and antics from the American poltiical class, insanity that wastes resources and taxpayer money, and takes time away from resolving the major issues fac

Conducting Your Own Personal Background Checks

How often do I think about online criminal background checks? People sometimes ask me that, and I say that I am definitely not obsessed with investigating people around me, I just do that occasionally, when I need it. And I meet lots of people every week.