Staying Organized This Holiday Season?

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Making Easter Eggs With Grandma

The grandchildren are coming over and we are going to color Easter eggs. Believe it or not, there are recipes for cooking eggs in the shell! Here is an easy way to make memories that last.

How to Throw a Children's Party on a Budget

It doesn't take much before a small birthday party for your little one turns into an out-of-control, overly expensive party fit for a king or queen. What we seem to forget in this day and age is that children really do love simple, traditional celebrations with their friends. It's important to stick

Homemade Care Package Ideas

Homesickness can strike at any time, whether you're a college freshman away from the comforts of home or a brave member of the Armed Forces serving our country overseas. Family members and friends of the traveler can give him a taste of home by sending a homemade care package to his destination. Sev

Types of Pictographs

Pictographs, or pictograms, are pictures depicting physical objects and can convey information easily understood even by people who speak different languages. At firs,t they appeared as rock drawings or paintings created by prehistoric or ancient people. Gradually, cultures began using them for syst

Locating Immediate Programs For Skin Care

Chamomile can be found in commercial or homemade shampoo. This is a market where many people use this type of product every day to condition their skin. Many contain nourishing oils which can help hydrate and soothe. And not only that, it contains vitamin C which makes it rich in antioxidant. It smo

Unique Mom, Dad & Baby Gifts

Give a family gift to a couple with a new baby by creating a gift tailored to them. Many new babies receive gifts after they are born, but the parents are left out. Create a family gift to give to them by using a family photo or tailoring a basket to fit their personal preferences. Think outside the

Planning for the Holidays - Food Gift Baskets for the Season

Holiday shopping is not always fun. In fact it causes more stress than almost anything else during the season. So why not cut some of it out? Food gift baskets are an easy, beautiful, convenient, and stress free way to check off all on your list, while leaving yourself free to enjoy the spirit of th

How to Install Christmas Tree Lights

What fun would the Christmas season be without the traditional glowing Christmas tree lights? For generations, children have marveled at the skill of their parents in setting up the dazzling lights. Whether this is your first year setting up the tree and lights in your own home, or you just want a q

Perfect Gifts for a Man

Choose a gift he will cherish.presents image by sasha from Fotolia.comThoughtfully investigate the interests, requests and needs of a favorite guy when selecting a gift. While some men appreciate romantic gifts of boxer shorts and cologne, scents make some men sneeze. Choose a practical...

Halloween Cookie Decorating Ideas for Kids

With the exception of Christmas, there is probably no other holiday that delights children more than Halloween. It is also the perfect holiday to encourage their creativity. Gather your kids and their friends into the kitchen to conjure up spooky cookie designs. Use simple ideas for smaller children

How to Make Gibson-Girl Hairdos

The "Gibson Girl" is a timeless image created by Charles Dana Gibson, a popular artist of the Victorian age. Drawings of Gibson's girls were used to illustrate catalogs, magazines and books. Although Gibson drew girls and women with hair arranged in a number of ways, the one most commonly associated

Be Unique This Holiday With Beach Themed Christmas Cards

When most people think of Christmas, they envision snow, garland, chestnuts and warm fireplaces. Cards are often adorned with winter scenes, trees and pine cones. In actuality, there are many people in differing regions of the world that have never seen snow, and celebrate the Christian holiday in w

Christmas Banners Are Fun Ways to Advertise for the Holidays

As a business owner or marketing person, you know that Christmas is probably the most productive time of year when it comes to sales for most products. The key to getting the most out of the Christmas holiday for virtually every business is to advertise and to advertise in ways that people pay atten

Engraved Gifts for First Communion

A First Communion marks the active participation of a child in the church in some sects of the Christian religion, such as Catholicism. The milestone is often marked by a celebration where the child, who is typically in first or second grade, receives gifts. The gifts are commonly of a religious or

How to Train for Fundraisers

When Massachusetts General Hospital plans a fundraising event, its board expects all hands to be on deck---from staffers to volunteers. Like Mass General, organizations seeking to prop up already-slim budgets walk a fine line when it comes to preparing volunteers for their essential roles, be it a m

How to Display Candy Floss in a Bag

Candy floss, cotton candy or spun sugar: they are all different names for the same sweet treat. Brightly colored, fluffy candy floss is a fair favorite both with visitors and vendors. When selling it, you walk a fine line between keeping the candy floss fresh in a bag and having it visually appealin

Funny Ways to Wrap a Gift

Avoid boring wrapping paper and get creative.present image by Yekaterina Choupova from Fotolia.comGift wrap can be boring and repetitive. By creatively wrapping presents, you can make your recipient chuckle and give a more memorable gift. Household items can be used for gag wrapping. When...

Deluxe Gift Ideas for Men

Splurge on a gift for your favorite man.a gift image by Sandi Chetwynd from Fotolia.comWe often think about luxurious, expensive gifts for women, but men don't always get the same attention. But that doesn't mean you can't buy something luxurious for the man in your life. Go with an...