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Strength For the Journey

What is the average day like for you? On a weekday, mine consists of the school run, an ever present to do list, daily writing, emails, phone calls, taxi service for the kids after school activities, housework, food, washing up, maybe a bit of radio or TV and maybe, just maybe a 20 minute walk throu

Becoming Sacred is a Horrid Experience!

Does the prospect of embracing your days as an "ordinary human being" seem unappealing to you? Why?Being "ordinary" is the single most "extraordinary" act one can indulge in. It's easy to be 'special'. No talent required, (just follow the crowd; learn how

An Akashic Records Experience Is Like a Holographic Akashic Movie Theater

Imagine if you could magically teleport into an amazing theater that was playing a high-definition holographic video of any part of your life set in the past, the future or in one of your past lives? Well, you just imagined what an actual astral projection into the Akashic records is really like.

Benefits Of Overcoming Shyness And Social Anxiety

There are many benefits of overcoming shyness and social anxiety. This problem can burden many aspects of a person's life. It is possible to overcome shyness and social anxiety if you know the right steps. Take the proper actions necessary to make this problem a thing of the past.

Managing Time Effectively With Mindmapping

Time management is one of the most important factors for achieving our goals and attaining success.It is sifting the vital from the sundry and acting on them accordingly to reach the goal.Amongst many

Holistic Life Through Understanding The Vaster Consciousness

People keep searching for peace and happiness by revolving within the content of the mind which is conditioned by circumstances and genetics and, consequently, very limited in its ability to perceive. True vision lies in the wider consciousness.

Can You See The Bigger Picture?

Do you admire people who can take everything in their stride? Are you wondering why everything always seems to happen to you? Honestly, stuff happens to everyone, it's just that some people handle it differently, they have a different outlook on life. This article explores some thoughts behind

Mind Games and Self-Sabotage - Getting Out of Your Own Way

You will have heard it said that you only use a tiny percentage of your brain's capacity. However, you have the brain power to make things happen, to achieve things that you never thought you were capable of. Orison Marden, an American writer, said in the beginning of the 20th century: Deep wit

My Conversation With Sir Richard Branson!

Have you ever wanted to talk to a billionaire to find your answers? Maybe even a professional in your trade of sports or entertainment? Well, now you can.

6 Easy Steps To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Everyone has a mental picture of who they are, how they look and what their strengths and weakness are. You continuously create this picture of yourself that you started to develop way back when you ...

The Importance of How We Value Time

How Valuable is Your Time?If you're like me, than one would expect you put a great deal of value on your time. But have you ever considered the actual dollar amount?

Holly-Holly-Vacation Time!

It's the period again where shoppers begin to consider the perfect vacation gift for his or her loved ones. Doing all your vacation looking a couple of months before the hitting the vacation