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Features and Significant Uses of CCD Cameras

The CCD camera or the Charge Coupled Device camera was invented by Willard Boyle and George Smith in the year 1969. This revolutionary invention has altered the future of photography in many ways. Today these are quickly replacing the film based cameras. It has transformed huge and expensive equipme

What Does ISO Mean for Cameras?

People just getting started with digital photography might wonder what ISO means for cameras. While most people know how aperture and shutter speed will effect the light coming into their camera, few people understand the importance of ISO for cameras. This article will define ISO in an easy to unde

Digital Macro Photography Techniques

Digital macro photography is one of the most exciting ways to expand your photography. It is a completely different world when you are only a few inches feet away from your subject. This literally transforms ...

How to Make Lens Filters

Lens filters are used to change the way light or colors are recorded by the camera. They can be used on digital cameras or SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) cameras by simply holding them or attaching them in front of the lens. There are two common types of filters that most photographers will find useful in

Selecting Professional Hilton Head Photography

With so many visually stunning places on the planet, taking photographs is becoming extremely popular among the general population. Pictures are among the only things that one can do to capture the lo

How to Build a Small Light Box to Photograph Jewelry

Photographing jewelry for a catalog or for sale on a website can be done using a light box. The diffused lighting created by a light box allows the photographer to isolate jewelry pieces in an uncluttered background and show off the item. Light boxes can be made at home, giving the photographer the

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS - All-In-One Digital Camera

If you are already a fan of PowerShot cameras, this will be "preaching to the choir." However, if you happen to be looking for an excellent all-in-one camera, the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS may just be the perfect fit for your pocket.

How a Photographer Should Keep Track of His Finances

Small-business owners in various professions are often faced with issues regarding management of finances. It is sometimes difficult to figure out a system of tracking finances that will work for a given profession. Photographers may find it difficult to track finances related to their business, esp

How to Calibrate a Toledo Scale

Mettler Toledo scales run the gamut between small, point-of-sale scales like those used in grocery stores to drive-on weight scales for shipping companies. While each scale uses different methods of gaining measurements, they all must be calibrated and set to zero. This process allows accurate readi

How to Choose a Cheap Photographer

You have cut everything you possibly can in order to meet the limited budgets of today. You want a cheap wedding photographer to go along with your strategy of discount everything. Herein lies the rub - cheap wedding photography is exactly that - cheap.

Tantalizing Food Photography Tricks and Techniques

Food photography is a team effort. This article explores the many tricks and techniques that chefs, food photographers and food stylists use when photographing food and products to make the pictures look appetizing enough to make your mouth water.

The Image Multipliers

The way the Copyright Law is written and currently interpreted, it's easier than ever to legally combine parts of several digital images to make an entirely new image."The Big 3" have the resources to employ this as a standard procedure.

Shoot Like a Pro - Filters For Your Digital Camera

The white balance feature employed by digital cameras negates most color added by external filters attached to your lens. However, there are several types of filters that still work and should be included in your camera bag. Here is what you should have and why.

How to Clean the Lens on a Ricoh Caplio R7

The Ricoh Caplio R7 is a bridge camera which features a 28-200mm zoom lens that can focus at distances as little as 1 cm. The lens itself retracts into the body for easy storage when not in use. However, the exposed front element of the Caplio R7 is just as prone to dust and grime as any other glass

Tattoo Removal Options

Tired of your tattoo? Ready to remove it? There are several ways to get rid of your tattoo, some more expensive---and more likely to scar---than others. Here are the most common types of tattoo removal, along with some facts about popular tattoo removal creams.

Toilets That Spray

Toilets can spray water from under the tank lid when the water inlet hose malfunctions, but they also create a more ominous spray from the bowl. University of Arizona microbiologist Charles Gerba, an authority in the study of household pathogens, has discovered that toilets produce a fine spray of w