Cropping Your Boxer"s Ears

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Cushings Disease in Dogs

In the wild, a dog would obtain essential growth factors from the blood of their prey. They do not receive this even with the best of today's dog diets. Now, these factors are available in a diet supplement now being distributed.

Orthopedic Dog Beds - Comfortable Place For Your Dog to Lay Down

It really doesn't matter the size or the breed of dog, you should have a safe comfortable place for your dog to lay down, and orthopedic dog beds are going to be one of your best choices.Many people notice on older large breed dogs and even some small breed dogs calluses on their elbows. This i

Building a Dog Fence Home

LocationChoose a location for building your dog fence home where your dog will have some shade and protection from the hot sun and from inclement weather conditions. Of course, it is also important to build your dog fence home close enough to your house so that your dog can offer some...

Natural Remedy for Constipation in Dogs

Constipation affects dogs in all stages of life, but it is more common in older dogs. Often it is a temporary---albeit uncomfortable---condition that resolves itself, but chronic constipation should be treated for your dog's ongoing health and comfort. If constipation lasts more than 2 days or is ac

Florida Discrimination Laws

It is illegal to discriminate against people in the state of Florida.Christine Balderas/Photodisc/Getty ImagesDiscrimination laws in Florida are designed to ensure that all residents are treated fairly in regard to employment, housing and even dog ownership. Those who violate these laws...

Teach Dog Obedience - What's the Best Age to Teach Your Dog Obedience?

There are many products and information about how and when to teach dog obedience. These products range from how to stop dog biting, barking, chewing, jumping and a host of other dog related problems. However, the problem with this is how do you know which one is accurate and can truly be relied on?

Ways to Choose a Dog Door

Dog doors are small doors or openings created to let your dog come in or go out of the house. Dog doors are a convenient option for dog owners. It will become disturbing for a person to open and close the door for his dog every time he wants to come in or go out especially if he is engaged in some s

5 Things That Will Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

1. Water. You probably already know that dogs need fresh, clean water at all times. All of us do. But if you want to remove as many toxins as possible from your dog's water and do everything possible to keep him healthy, think about using a water filter.

Labrador Retriever Puppy Training - How to Train One!

A Labrador Retriever puppy training can be done so easily. Have you ever seen a Labrador or do you have one? My god, they are so cute these dogs. The great thing about these cute doggies is that they are very teachable, especially when they are at a young age. They make a great family pet, and if yo

Why Does A Dog Need A Car Harness?

Dogs are on the go these days! You often see dogs, including large dogs, riding in cars with people. But it's not very safe to allow your dog to ride loose in your car. One solution is to use a car harness to keep your dog in a safe position in your vehicle.

Potty Training Your Puppy

Are you struggling to potty train your puppy?Learn tips and advice on how to potty train your new puppy.Practical housebreaking tips for puppy owners.

Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale - Why an Adult Dog May Be What You Need

If you've been dreaming of having your own Shih Tzu at home, raising one from puppy-hood may not be the best idea. Owning, taking care of, and maintaining a healthy and adorable Shih Tzu should not be an impulse decision - suppose you adored a friend's trained and friendly Shih Tzu, does t

Tips For Buying Dog Clothes This Winter

As winter sets in, our collective attentions turn to the weather and more specifically how to prevent us getting cold. As a nation of animal lovers, it is no surprise that we also worry about our dogs and how they will fare during the winter months. In this article we'll explore the world of do

Shitzu Puppy Breeders - Questions You Should Be Asking

Upon getting in contact with a Shitzu breeder on the phone, they're a litany of questions that you can ask, which will reveal a lot of information that you'd need to make a decision on choosing the right breeder. I know you probably already have a few questions of your own, but here are a

Installing Invisible Fences

Necessary Parts/Laying out the PerimeterA basic invisible fence kit contains a transmitter box with power cord, invisible fence line, a dog collar with a transmitter and flags.You start the installation process by laying out the perimeter of the fenceline. Once you're happy with the area...

What We Didn't Know About Our Dog Food

The information was compelling.We researched dog nutrition and natural dog food.We wondered how much of Bandit's problems were a result of poor nutrition, although we will never know.

How To Clean Stuffed Dog Toys And Other Toys

Does your dog have favorite stuffed dog toys? Then you know eventually the toys get stinky, grungy, and just plain old dirty. Now, in a very short time you can have clean and fresh dog toys. Plus, when you have friends and family over with smaller children that love to put toys in their mouth, you w