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How Debt Settlement Affects Credit Report

The most effective way to bring down negative effects on your credit statement is to look for a company with a good track record in the debt settlement process. You can make this out by ...

How FICO Scores Affect Interest Rates

Consumers use their credit history to obtain everything from a car loan to a mortgage, and even a credit card. When you apply for credit, the issuer of that credit will often check your credit history and your FICO credit score, which is based on information in your credit report. Your credit score

How to Fill out a Quit Claim Deed in Ohio

Quitclaim deeds transfer a property title from one person to another. In essence, the previous owner gives up any and all interest he had in the property. No other promises are made (such as whether the land is encumbered by a lien). Ohio property code 5302.11 governs the proper form for quitclaim d

How to Find Fan Pages With Coupons

Fan pages have become a popular way for companies to engage customers. Companies often entice consumers to "like" their Facebook fan pages by offering coupons. According to Valassis, a media and marketing services company, marketers distributed 332 billion coupons in 2010, of which only 3.3 billion

Foreclosure & Credit History

Foreclosures can be an emotionally and financially devastating event in a person's life. In addition to the sting of loosing a home, a defaulted home loan with a foreclosure proceeding will haunt their credit history for many years to follow. The negative filing on a credit report can affect someone

The Advantages of a FAFSA

If you are considering attending college, money could be one of the main issues you are having to overcome. The government offers federal loans, grants and scholarships that give you the opportunity to take your education to the next level. Fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

How to Make a Free Household Budget

Creating a household budget does not need to cost any money. A budget is the key to saving money and a household budget should consider all of the expenses for the family and upkeep of the property. Many budgets fail because they don't to adequately consider all the expenses that a family may have.

Are FICO Scores Entitled Once a Year?

A majority of consumers incorrectly believe they are entitled to one free FICO score each year, according to a 2008 survey by the Consumer Federation of America. Obtaining your FICO score is critical to several areas of your life that are probably dear to you, such as finding an apartment and gettin

Tennessee HOPE Scholarships for Non-Traditional Students

The Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation offers scholarship money to Tennessee students through the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Program. Most Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarships are available only to students who follow the traditional path of entering college shortly after grad

How to Make Paying Your Bills Easy

Paying your bills is just about as breaking your leg and getting it reset. It's like throwing $200 bills into a toilet and watching it go slowly down the drain. Maybe that is a little ...

Does Requesting an Increase in Credit Line Affect My Score?

Credit scores, or FICO scores, are three-digit numbers between 300 and 850. These scores show lenders a borrower's borrowing behavior and credit-management skills. FICO scores of more than 700 are considered "very good," and scores of less than 600 "indicate high risk," according to the Consumer Fed

How to Sell a Car When You're Still Financing

To sell a car that you're still financing, plan ahead to pay off your auto loan provider so you can quickly transfer your vehicle's title to your buyer. Many states do not allow title transfers when a lien exists, so expect to remove the lien from the title or obtain a lien release to provide with t

How to Get Lowe's Discount Coupons

Lowe's is one of the leading home improvement stores in the United States. Lowe's also has a presence in Canada and Mexico. Although many prices are already discounted, adding a coupon can help you save even more money. The most reliable way to do this is to check the Lowe's website and sign up for

Responsibility of Bank Cashing a Check

Depositing or cashing a check involves at least three parties: the payor, payee and bank. If the check is written from a checking account at a bank other than the one cashing it, this adds another party. With the time it takes to clear the funds on a check from differing institutions, checks have be

How Is Interest Calculated When Closing on a House?

An interest payment is one of the many costs associated with closing on your home mortgage loan, in addition to lender's fees, points, title fees and appraisals. Lenders usually require you to pay a specific amount of interest that depends on your interest rate, the amount of your mortgage and the d

Mexican-American Scholarships

Several organizations offer scholarships specifically to Mexican-American students pursuing a college education. Many are limited to women, students pursuing degrees within specific disciplines or residents of certain locations. In addition, Mexican-American students are eligible for the many colleg

Study Reveals What Americans Pay For Long-Term Care Insurance

Individuals purchasing long-term care insurance paid as little as a few hundred dollars to as much as $13,000 a year according to a new report from the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance http://www.aaltci.org . ...

FAP-Turbo Discounts

The discounts Forex Traders enjoy with the use of FAP-Turbo Automatic Forex Trading Robot are the benefits derived which are all at a premium. You do not only make great savings but in addition transit ...

How to Get a Bankruptcy Removed From Your Credit Report Early

Bankruptcy cannot be removed from your credit until the mandatory amount of time has elapsed. If you are considering bankruptcy, it is important to be aware of the serious credit consequences. Although it is not impossible to repair your credit score while bankruptcy remains on your report, it will

How to Shop for a Loan

Whether you need a loan for a car, a house or your education, locating the best lender for your needs can be a daunting task. Accepting the first offer you receive might be tempting; however, you can end up with a sour deal if you don't take the necessary steps to educate yourself and shop around fi