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Insect Gardening Plants

Coneflowers attract butterflies and other beneficial insects.leona barratt/iStockphoto/Getty ImagesNot all insects are bad in a garden landscape. Creatures like bees, ladybugs, parasitic wasps, hover flies and butterflies will either keep pests from eating your plants and/or act as...

Why Use Native Plants?

Some plants grow naturally and flourish in regions, while others that are forced to adapt have a lesser degree of success. Gardeners who select native plants from the area will enjoy the beauty of a natural landscape year after year without a great deal of extra maintenance. Although a single person

How to Divide a Banana Plant

Banana plants grow from corms, rooting structures that are similar to bulbs. Young banana plants -- at least seven months old -- that have not yet borne fruit can be divided at the corm to produce two new plants. But to be divided successfully, the corm must be the right size. Each half of the corm

Non Toxic Home Cleaning

Although a messy home can be a danger to anyone living there, some harsh cleaning products represent a danger of their own. Cleaners that include bleach or ammonia can poison food and even the air if used improperly. Fortunately, many cleaning jobs that require chemicals also have nontoxic cleaning

How to Cut Kale Stems

Kale (Brassica oleracea Acephala Group) is a hardy garden vegetable that often continues to grow through the winter, even in exceptionally cold climates. Harvesting the older leaves first allows the plant to continue producing leaves, but eventually you must harvest the whole plant as it reaches the

Home Remedies for Bugs on Kale Plants

Kale is a cold-hardy, leafy green well-suited to life in cooler climates. While kale is a relatively low-maintenance crop that draws few serious pests, from time to time insects may invade a particularly lush plot. Fortunately, there are several easy home remedies that effectively remove insect pest

Types of Farm Fertilizers

Fertilizing your soil is crucial to getting healthy farm image by forca from Fotolia.comFertilizing a farm is much like fertilizing a home garden or lawn, only on a much larger and more expensive scale. Continuously farming a plot of land can sap nutrients from the soil,...

Problems With Rose Bush Bugs

Curled leaves. Sticky foliage. Disfigured buds. These are all signs of insect infestations on a rose bush. The most common pest is the aphid, according to master gardeners with the Washington State University extension office. But thrips, scale and Japanese beetles all can wreak havoc on roses. Fort

How to Kill Prostrate Knotweed in Lawns

Knotweed is sometimes also called prostrate knotweed because it creeps along the ground rarely achieving more than 4 inches in height. The long tendrils creep out in a spider-like pattern and have tiny leaflets that resemble knots along the stems. The plant is an annual, but each plant disperses an

How to Plant a Washington Palm Tree

Also known as the Washingtonia Robusta, the Washington palm tree is capable of growing to heights of 80 feet. Dead fronds that remain on the Washington palm tree after they die adorn the thin upper trunk. The dead fronds have a furry appearance that stands out against the bright green new growth th

Marbles in Flower Arrangements

Marbles are glass balls that are often made so that the inside of the marble has an interesting color and design. Most marbles are clear or semi-transparent. Because marbles are glass they don't leach minerals as some stones will and they are attractive or sometimes nearly invisible if they are plac

When to Prune Holly Trees

Holly is not only a beautiful addition to your landscape but also a useful one in attracting and providing for wildlife. It was an important plant in U.S. history, and is still vitally important today. This evergreen tree grows to 50 feet and is often used as a hedge or privacy screen. Holly is best

The Difference Between Bushes & Trees

The terms tree, bush and shrub can be confusing, particularly when you're confronted by a bush that looks a lot like a tree, or vice versa. There is a definite difference between bushes and trees, however, and although some plants blur the boundaries, in most cases it's easy to tell the form of a pa

How to Make a French Ribbon Flower

You can make an elegant French ribbon flower from a yard of fine silk ribbon by using an uncomplicated hand-sewn basting stitch. This sewing project is appropriate for an older child who might want to sew the ribbon flower on a headband or barrette. The ribbon flowers are also beautiful additions to

How to Ripen Watermelons

The best way to obtain a ripe watermelon is to select one from the store or the home garden that has a creamy yellow underbelly. This is the flat spot where the melon rested on the ground while on the vine. It is difficult to improve the ripeness of a watermelon, but one method involves placing the

The Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in Florida

Florida's U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones range from 8, in northern Florida, to 11 in coastal southern Florida. For best production from your tomato plants, start with the right planting date, according to the University of Florida IFAS Extension.

Can You Grow Cherry Trees From the Pits?

During cherry season there are uncounted numbers of pits spit upon the ground, but there are not generally crops of cherry trees popping up all over the place. Cherry pits are the seed of the fruit tree, but they take some special treatment before they are ready to germinate. A fruiting cherry tree

How to Build an Indoor Fountain Pond

An indoor fountain pond allows you to add a natural element to your home's interior. With proper planning and the ideal location in the home, the soothing sounds of a fountain can add serenity to your space. Today's sturdy preformed pond liners and energy-efficient pumps reduce the risk of excessive

Florida Native Plants for Full Sun

Butterfly weed is a Florida native that excels in full sun.Hemera Technologies/ ImagesFlorida, nicknamed the Sunshine State, has many native plants growing within its borders that need a full dose of sun to prosper. Some of the Florida natives that crave full sun can...

Large, Brown and Puffy Flower That Looks Like an Elephant Ear on a Vine

The Dutchman's pipe, pipe vine or calico vine (Aritstolochia elegans or A. littoralis) is a Brazilian creeper that produces characteristic flowers. These are tubular and up to 3 inches long with a large, flared mouth that is purplish brown and up to 4 inches across. The flowers are said to resemble