DIY Pour in Foam Insulation

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How to Restore Oil to Wood Floors

Wood floors become dull and faded as usage and environmental elements dry out the natural oils in the hardwood. Simply refinishing the floor with polyurethane doesn't restore the oil in the floor. Instead, these products sit on top of the wood, creating a barrier between the wood and the surrounding

How to Caulk and Grout Tile

Grouting and caulking tile is an important step in tile installation. Whether you are installing tile on a kitchen counter, shower floor or even a wall backsplash, the grout and caulk will protect the tile from moisture. Grout and caulk fill in the gaps left between the tiles, giving it a neat finis

DIY Mounting a Dryer on a Base

Washers and dryers have become modern conveniences most households cannot go without. The design of most clothes dryers is not always conducive for very tall people, people with back problems or people who have a difficult time bending over to load and unload the dryer. Mounting your dryer onto a ho

Cheap Bath Remodeling Ideas

Hand-painted murals are an inexpensive way to liven up your bathroom walls.bathroom image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comRemodeling your bathroom can be an expensive endeavor if you don't watch your budget. Fortunately, you don't have to spend a lot of money to revamp your bathroom. You...

How to Fix a Leaking Ball Valve

A misaligned or old toilet ball valve, also known as a tank ball, may be the culprit in a toilet that constantly runs. This ball-shaped seal is what keeps water from running into the toilet when it is lowered and allows water to flow for flushing when opened. There is more than one cause for a leaky

How to Determine the Number of Studs Required for a Wall

Making an adequate and accurate materials list for a project ensures productivity and minimizes delays caused by insufficient planning. Using the rule of thumb builders use for estimating wall framing materials will help you determine the cost and necessary lumber to do the job correctly.

What Is the Height For Standard 60" Round Dining Tables?

If you're shopping for a round dining table and wondering how tall it should be, there's no need to worry. Thankfully, the furniture industry has standardized dining table heights, making it easier on consumers to mix and match tables and chairs to their liking and know that the pieces will work tog

Wood Chip Mulch & Termites

Wood chip mulch can provide a source of food for subterranean termites. The proximity of the much to a structure typically creates no threat as long as it remains at least 300 feet away.

How to Cover the Sides of a Kitchen Island With Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a non-corrosive metal available in sheets. Because of its durability and ease of care and cleaning, it is a natural solution for areas that are the center of a lot of activity with food and liquids. The look of stainless steel is modern and industrial and is a popular solution for

How to Install Ceramic Tiles Over Vinyl Flooring

If possible, lay your ceramic tile floor on a bed of cement board, very thick plywood or another strong, immobile surface. If you need to avoid raising the level of the floor, and the current floor is single-sheet vinyl, however, you can tile right over it, with a few caveats. Make sure to tile on c

What to Add to Get Concrete to Stick to a Wall

Traditionally, you create concrete walls by pouring concrete into a structure, then removing the structure once the concrete dries. If you want to place concrete on an existing wall, though, you'll find that it tends to slide down. Using the right ingredients can help you get concrete to stick to a

How to Measure for a Curved Flight of Stairs

Most carpenters who build stairs can fit a curved stairway in 95 percent of the openings for a straight stairway. The cost to build stairs with a curve typically increases by 40 percent, but adds character and value to the home.

DIY Slate Tile Clock

Slate tiles have an interesting texture and unique colors. Make yourself a slate tile clock to match your floor, wall or roof tiles. Placing a slate tile clock on the wall will enhance the room. You can make a slate tile clock in a few minutes, with the right equipment. Drilling holes in the tile wi

How to Seal Art on Ceramic Tiles

Although glazed ceramics do not need to be sealed against the outdoor elements, modified ceramics do. Glazes, while wonderful, are not easy to create and require access to a kiln. If you have other artwork that you have applied to your tile, such as paint or perhaps a child's drawing, you will need

How to Insulate Paneling

Insulating your home is one of the best ways to reduce your energy costs. You usually insulate when you are building your house, but you can do it to an existing home, even if the walls are already covered. If they are covered with drywall, you can make small holes and blow in insulation, because th

Can You Use Cornice Versus Crown on a Ceiling?

Architecturally speaking, ceilings and walls exist as functional pieces providing support and spatial definition in home and building design. However, ceilings and walls may also hold aesthetic value. Everything from paint to posters, light fixtures, crown molding and cornices add aesthetic value an

Do-it-Yourself: Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are stained to bring out the patterns of the wood, then sealed in gloss. When that gloss and stain start wearing off, make the floor like new by sanding off the remaining gloss and stain with a rented drum sander, then reapplying new finish. Close off the room (including the air vent

How to Trim Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is a thin sheet of hardwood used to apply to furniture and cabinet faces to give the appearance and texture of solid wood. Wood veneers are available in two basic styles. Heat melt veneer has a layer of heat-activated glue on its back side and is installed by the application of heat and

How to Connect Solar Batteries

To achieve proper charging conditions and have adequate power to operate your household appliances, your solar battery bank must be correctly connected. Batteries may be wired in two basic configurations, series and parallel. Series wiring means that the voltage will be cumulative and the amperage w

Room Dividers Attached to a Ceiling

Room dividers attached to the ceiling separate space in your home, and offer the advantage of floor to ceiling coverage. Shoji screens -- framed, translucent rice paper room dividers that originated in Japan -- were one of the earliest kinds of room dividers, according to the Sheffield School. They