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Jared Was There!

Find out more about the excitement of eBay Live 2006! with a look at my picture gallery from the event.

Imagine Becoming a Murano Glassblowing Artisan

Murano glassblowing techniques used today are still much the same as they were in their ever-innovative development over the centuries. Modern day equipment has also provided various advantages which only increase the creative flow of these truly modern day artisans. The Godfather style of feuding w

5 Easy Steps in Making Gel Candles

The best thing that separates gel candles is their variety and texture as candle items. Not only are they colorful and easy to produce, various designs can also be achieved. Making gel candles from home has been a hobby pursued by many, all because it allows fun and creativity.

Sewing Costumes For Kids Birthday Parties

Wearing a costume in the course of young children wedding events is one of the most precious memories any infant may ever have. The reason for this is she or he will be in a position to attend a satisfied occasion, join other boys and girls in pursuits and games, and boast to other kids that their m

How To Make Your Own Sewing Patterns

Everyone dreams of making it big in life. Then the first thing they wish to do is wear designer clothes. It is an urge that more or less everyone has.

How to Make an NFL No Sew Fleece Blanket

Have you ever wanted to make something simple and inexpensive for your favorite NFL football fan? Well, here's one really easy idea. It takes just a few supplies to create an NFL No Sew Fleece Throw. You can make it in a matter of minutes for half the price of something you would find in a stor

Cascarones - A Cross-Cultural Easter Tradition

Cascarones - confetti-filled eggs - are part of many celebrations across the globe. These easy-to-make Easter treats are a delightful twist on traditional dyed hard-boiled eggs.

Koi Colors A great site about Koi Fish, how to breed them, how to keep them and how to care for them

40k Terrain - New Way to Make Hills

I've never been a fan of terrain mats. Never liked them for model trains (that was years ago); and haven't liked them for 40k terrain, either. However, while reviewing How to Make Wargames Terrain from Games Workshop again, I noticed they had a few uses for terrain mats.

Spooky Kooky's Ramon

The creator and former owner of FunKo Wacky Wobblers has collectors excited and talking about his newest creations. Symptoms and Spooky Kooky's will be debuting at San Diego Comic Con!

Canton Texas Flea Market

The people are friendly, the wares are varied and the prices are great. Only problem is the weather. Remember it's Texas if you're planning a trip from out of state.

The Difference Between Collecting and Collectibles

I have been to so many homes where entire rooms were dedicated to items these individuals had collected. Beanie Babies, figurines, spoons, hats, etc all displayed so pretty in glass case that ultimately won't ever amount to anything other than memories. There is a huge difference in collecting

Is The Kukri Right For You? 5 Helpful Hints

Do you need a tool that can chop down trees or brush with hardly any trouble at all?Before you buy a kukri or other outdoor style machete, I will share with you five important facts to consider:Kukris are easily noticeable to most knife enthusiasts.

Advanced Techniques For The Knitting Expert

To me, it is a constant source of amazement that the new stitches coming out in the home knitter's world and some of us (unfortunately, not all of us) take the time to learn if and when we have the opportunity. In order to keep on top of my knitting projects, I try to learn new stitches as soon