Using a Fireplace Tool Set For Both Style and Function

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Why a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System May Not Be What You Need

While talking to my friend, Diane, the other day our conversation turned to water purification systems.I asked her which one she used in her house, and she told me a reverse osmosis water treatment system. I told her reverse osmosis water treatment systems alone will not remove all the dangerous che

The Importance of Regular Chimney Cleaning

With winter upon us, those homeowners that use fireplaces and chimneys as a source of home heating should consider having them inspected and cleaned. And the numbers indicate that chimney and fireplace owners use them more and more as their main source of heating. According to the Hearth, Patio and

Heating Your Warehouse Efficiently With a NewAir G73 Electric Shop Heater

The cost to heat a warehouse has steadily increased by six-fold since the 1960's, and industry experts agree that the era of low energy costs are far behind us. Consider using an electric shop heater such as the NewAir G73 when you need a low-cost, energy-efficient way to keep your warehouse wa

How to Light a Gas Oven in a Power Outage

A power outage typically means that no appliances in a home will work. But for those with appliances that use natural gas, such as a gas oven, having no electricity does not have to mean eating out. You can light stoves with electronic ignitions manually, using a match, according to Northwest Natura

How to Change the Belt on a Frigidaire Crown Series Washing Machine

The Frigidaire Crown Series line of washing machines are front-loading units that come in a range of models. The belt inside the washer cabinet connects to the agitator to control its movement. A broken belt can prevent the agitator or the washer tub from rotating correctly. Change the faulty belt t

Quick Tips For Maintaining Central Heating

When the seasons begin to change and you think about using your central heating, it will be important to take a few steps to make sure your system is ready for use and that it is ready for the heavy use that colder weather brings. There are many maintenance tasks that you can complete on your own. H

How to Test a Kenmore Ice Maker

Testing a Kenmore ice maker does not require any special expertise; however, it does require a little bit of time if you have just installed the refrigerator. A Kenmore ice maker cannot produce ice until the temperature is cold enough in the refrigerator, so testing a newly installed Kenmore refrige

How to Change the Belt in an Amana Dryer Model LE4307W

The Amana LE4307W is a front-loading electric dryer. Like all clothes dryers, this model's drum is rotated by a rubber belt connected to a motor. This belt wears down over time and eventually breaks. While you have the option of calling an appliance repair service to replace the belt, chances are yo

Saving Money With Your Fridge Freezer

The fridge is an appliance with one of the biggest consumption of electricity in a typical household. So it pays to explore simple ways in which we can make savings on energy consumption of the fridge.

How to Clean a Bosch SS Dishwasher's Interior

Bosch's stainless steel dishwasher interior walls and door can attract food particles and other residue and may require an occasional cleaning. The spray arm nozzles can become caked with mineral deposits or other residue, especially if your home has hard water. The dishwasher's filter contains a fi

Ideas for Light Switch Plates

Light switch plates come in varying sizes--some for one switch, some for multiple switches and some for plugs. When you buy them from a discount store, you can find them in a few colors and a few styles that are elegant or simple. But to really perk up a light switch plate, and the room too, lend

Problems With Front Load Washers

Front loading washers require an ounce of prevention.washing machine image by andrey polichenko from Fotolia.comFront loading washing machines have become more available in America in recent years and so have issues related to their use. The washers seem to have a few consistent problems...

How to Install a Can Light

Can, or recessed lights, provide unobtrusive lighting that may be directed at any surface for a number of needs. Kitchen and bath, reading, task lighting, or setting the ambiance of a room, can lights come in a variety of sizes with trim to fit nearly every need.

How to Change an Echo Trimmer Head

Echo manufactures a wide variety of lawn equipment, including chain saws, edgers, chippers and trimmers. A lawn trimmer is used to cut grass and weeds in locations inaccessible to a lawn mower. The trimmer has a head with nylon string protruding from the end that spins at a high rate of speed. When

Cheap LCD TV's - Find the Best Places to Get the Bargains

If you are looking to buy a big screen LCD TV at a significantly reduced price, then here are some valuable tips and advice for getting your dream set under budget. Don't sacrifice the quality of your viewing pleasure by paying less.

How to Refinish Honing Marble

An expensive tile that can lend sophistication to your home, marble is easily damaged. Heavy objects, active pets, children and general neglect can leave scratches, wear patterns and a dull finish on the precious marble. Because you may have to sand your marble floor several times, refinishing it c

Ceiling Fan Light Kit Troubleshooting

A malfunctioning ceiling fan and light can be aggravating, but do not junk the fan that quickly Many houses don't have proper wires, or the kit you bought may not be wired the same way as the house. The big thing to remember when working with a fan and light is to work fast and think faster.

Mini Refrigerators in the Office

Today our executives find that a mini refrigerator in their office is one of the most desirable attributes that they can have to make their life easier. You only need to be able to visit a large corporation and you will find that most offices come equipped with a mini refrigerator along with the cof

How to Find the Best, Most Inexpensive Water Purifier for Your Home

Water is probably the most important resources that we have on planet earth and without it, we cannot continue existing. Well, that is already a fact and we don't need to put emphasis on how important it is. But remember and be it known to you that water is not always the same clean and clear t