Types of Fixed Resistors

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The Effects of Methanol on Brass

Brass and methanol do not make for a good combination. Methanol corrodes brass, and because of this protective measures must be taken whenever the two materials are to come into contact. But what exactly is methanol, anyway? And can anything be done to stop its corrosive effects?

What Materials Best Insulate an Ice Science Project?

A science project made of ice is a temporary and delicate creation, subject to rapid melting. Whether it is a simple ice cube or an elaborate sculpture, you need to know how to keep it intact for the duration of the project. While a freezer works best, it can be difficult to fit in the car, or may n

How to Use 2 6V Batteries to Create a 12V System

Two 6-volt batteries can be wired together to create a 12-volt system for powering electrical devices. This is known as a series connection. This combines the voltage of the two batteries without increasing the capacity of the output, which is measured in amps per hour. The amperage stays the same w

"StarCraft" Cheats for Mac

In the real-time strategy game "StarCraft," players command the various armies of three separate species in a massive, inter-planetary war for survival and dominance. In each level players must create and develop their armies and complete specific objectives while fighting off enemy armies. As the g

How to Calculate Equivalent Weight

In science, the equivalent weight of a solution is the molecular weight of the solute, or dissolved substance, in grams divided by the valence of the solute. Equivalent weight predicts the mass of a substance that will react with one atom of hydrogen in an acid-base analysis such as a titration.

How to Build Toy Farm Implements

Toys are one of the main entertainment and educational devices used for children as they are growing up. They provide hands-on interaction that stems from creativity, and there are thousands of types of toys to choose from. Building your own toy farm implements is a great way to give your kids or ot

How to Make Arrows on Runescape

Making arrows in Runescape is part of the skill known as “fletching”. Fletching allows players to create their own ranging weapons and ammunition. Making arrows is also a quick way to gain fletching experience and to make money. Arrows can be sold to archery shops, on the Grand Exchan

Instructions for Threading a White Serger 534

The White Superlock 534 serger came out in the late 1980s, and it can handle a variety of threads from standard sewing threads to specialty fibers such as wooly nylon. Sergers can rapidly overlock the raw edges of seams, sew stretchy knit garments and create decorative effects on exposed seam allowa

How to Factor Perfect Binomials

A binomial is a phrase used for an algebraic equation that consists of exactly two terms. To "expand" the binomial, or find its product, you must square the binomial. In mathematical values, for example, the binomial (a + b)^2 is expanded to a^2 + 2ab + b^2. In a perfect binomial, also known as a pe

How to Glue Plywood

Building any type of furniture or decorative wood object often requires plywood. Glue applied between sheets of plywood creates a stable and sturdy bond. The process of gluing plywood is not difficult and, if done properly, provides a bond that can last for years. Adding small nails or screws increa

The History of Wattmeters

A wattmeter is an instrument that measures electrical power in watts. A wattmeter is incorporated into most industrial and home-electricity usage meters. These meters measure watt usage over time, or watt-hours. Most contemporary multi-testers can also measure watts.

How to Extract Sulfur From Gypsum

Gypsum is a naturally occurring form of calcium sulfate, CaSO₄·2H₂O. It is used in the building trade for gypsum board, also called drywall, and is an ingredient in plaster of Paris. It is made of the elements calcium, sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen. The sulfur can be removed from

Moth Species in Mississippi

Moths begin their life cycle as caterpillars, similar to butterflies. In the state of Mississippi alone, there are almost 300 different species of moths and butterflies. Moth species are unique because of their tendency to have eye-shaped spots on their wings to deter predators, and moths are typica

Graduated Cylinder Information

Graduated cylinders are common tools in laboratories for accurately measuring liquid volums. They are designed in a variety of sizes.

How to Build Your Own Shot Glass Rack

Shot glasses are popular souvenirs from various occasions and vacations. Much of the fun is in displaying your glasses, but buying a rack specifically for shot glasses can be expensive. Many people choose to use general craft display cases, however, creating a personalized rack that fits the size of

How to Make a Straw Atomizer

Atomizers are generally used to spray perfume, but they can also be used with water or almost any other liquid substance. Atomizers are also used to spray glass cleaners by infusing air with a pump. In this example, we are going to make an atomizer by using our breath as the air pump.

DIY Camp Shower

People expect to get dirty when they go camping. But with a little preparation and set-up, you can build an inexpensive camp shower and stay clean.

How to Load and Shoot a Civil War Rifle

Muzzle-loading rifles were the most common rifle used by soldiers throughout the Civil War. The most common was the Springfield and the Enfield Rifle. The basic steps to load the rifle are the same. They shot a bullet, known as a minie ball and proved very effective through the Civil War. Firing the