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Why buy diapers in bulk

Caring for a baby can be a challenging task for any parent. There are so many things that need to be done, and some parents can get overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are many tricks and tips that new pa

Parenting With Influence - Things That You Should Not Say to Your Child

Parenting through positive encouragement wins out over the power play of fearing the consequences every time. Encouragement is (very much) more important than discouragement and can always produce better results. That old saying comes to mind You catch more flies with honey.

Gifted Children and Burnout

You've probably heard of underachieving gifted kids. My guess is that you have probably also heard stories about gifted kids who have "burned out."  But do

How To Choose The Perfect Stroller

If you are locking to buy a stroller for the new member of your family you have to know thay it won't be as easy as you may think. There are some aspects you'll have to consider first. Here are some guidelines in oder to help you buy the stroller that can make your life easier

Operating Instructions for the Safety 1st Musical Potty Chair

Potty training can be a long and tedious process as your child attempts to get comfortable using a toilet that suits her size. Safety 1st attempts to make the process more manageable with the "Musical Talkin' Potty Chair." This potty training toilet plays music when the water in the toilet bowl is f

A Parent's Primer on Buying Toddler's Boots and Shoes

With the rate of growth of you little angel, you will obviously find yourself cramming for the perfect pair of toddler girls boot. Whenever you are in the mood for shopping, or it is just plain necessary, keep in mind that the boots you have to choose is of good quality, well fitted, and can help in

Preparing for Your Child's Baptism

A baptism is a very special day in the life of a child. To mark the occasion properly parents have to do a lot of planning. Parents typically hold the child's baptism in the family church with close relatives, friends, and of course the godparents. Some parents also plan parties after the bapti

Back to School Routines for Parents

How do you switch from summer bliss to school schedules?Parents, help your children make the transition with these back-to-school routines.

Super Cool Baby Strollers

Whether you are a parent of one child or several, finding ways to transport your child in a way that fits your lifestyle can be a daunting task. With many recent technological and ergonomic advances, baby strollers are being manufactured now in a variety of ways in order to better accommodate your n

How to Know if a Teen is Happy

According to a Harris poll, teens are more interested in obtaining happiness in their lives than achieving monetary success. Here are ways to evaluate if your teen is reasonably happy and headed in that direction.

Video: How to Make a Daily Schedule Chart for Toddlers

Video Transcript Have you ever wondered how to make a daily schedule for your toddler? Hi, we're Tom and Kisha Maher with Hailey's House. And making a daily schedule chart for your toddler is not only going to help you be at peace but it's also going to help the toddler be able to...

The Scenario For Needing a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

Imagine this scenario - we take our kids out for that little bit of sunshine and outdoor fun. Then imagine the typical baby-outing happenings in that scenario: baby needs changing, baby needs feeding, baby needs wiping, your phone rings, you need that hand sanitizer, you need to find the pacifier, y

Breastfeeding Advice: When to Stop Breastfeeding

Maternal milk is the best kind of food for newly born children. In its initial and immature form, called colostrum, is full of precious substances: the pioneers of antibodies that help to mature the immune ...

Protecting Babies from Allergies

Babies are, undoubtedly, sensitive. Their skin turns red in the blink of an eye and for barely any reason at all. But with or without any physical proof of sensitivity, new parents will always be ...