Five Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn

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Shade Balcony Gardening

In spring, both new and experienced gardeners flock to the garden for annual, perennial, fruit and vegetable plantings. The garden isn't the only place for growing, though, and may not be a choice for people with restricted space. Prepare pots and soil and choose the right flowers and vegetable plan

How to Plant and Grow Papaya Trees

Commercially grown papayas and those fresh-from-the-tree do not compare in taste. To get to the market before they spoil, papayas are picked before they are ripe. Most of the time they taste like air. A papaya that has been allowed to ripen on the tree, however, is soft and sweet. Papaya trees are t

Blanket Flower Facts

Blanket flowers (Gaillardia species) are hardy, spreading annuals that are desirable for their lush masses of constantly blooming flowers. The most popularly variety grown in America is the native Gaillardia pulchella, or common blanket flower, which features flowers in shades of yellow, orange, cop

Orchids for Weddings - The 5 Most Popular Species

When it comes to selecting orchids for weddings, you wonder which will be best. By knowing the five most popular species and the traits they bring to a wedding, you can put your best foot forward in planning your wedding with this exotic flower.

Planting Large Trees - Don't Forget to Mulch

Are you looking for advice on planting large trees in your garden? Here are the basics on how and how much to mulch, so that they have the optimum growing conditions.

Rose Creek Abelia Information

Rose Creek Abelia, or Abelia xgrandiflora, was released in 2001 as a very drought-tolerant, evergreen shrub with white flowers that grows about 3 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide. It can grow as a hedge, in a flowerbed or in a container.

Ten Safety Tips For Inground Or Above Ground Pools

Owning an inground or above ground pool opens up all kinds of fun opportunities for the summer, but many people hesitate before installing one because they're concerned about safety. Peterborough, Ontario pool construction specialists Water ...

Benefits of Greenhouses

The term greenhouse is a common one especially for those gardeners who are dealing with plants every day. However, many people do not really understand the purpose of having one. One the surface, it m

How to Grow Moonflower From Seeds

The fragrant, white blooms of the moonflower plant emerge at night. The flowers may measure up to 6 inches on vines that grow 10 feet in a single year. The vines, which produce heart-shaped leaves, grow best in areas with full sunlight and well-drained soil. Instead of purchasing the plants, you may

Beginner Apartment Container Gardening Tips

Many people that live in apartments can appreciate the benefits that container gardening can offer. You can grow a bunch of plants, whether flowers or vegetables, in a relatively small space, if you use container gardening. The other fun thing about this type of gardening is choosing what container

How To Water Your Garden

That seems like a silly title, right? How to water your garden - it's easy. Just apply water. But it is not that easy. You need to know when to water, how much to apply, by what method and that different plants have different watering needs. After you have gone to the effort of preparing your g

American Holly- A Beautiful Evergreen Tree

American Holly is a pyramid shaped evergreen tree that has very distinct foliage and produces bright red colored tiny berries. The trees are known for their immense beauty and holiday charm. They are

Planting a Victory Garden

During World War II, Americans were called on to help with the war effort. Many Americans gave up normal things to help their country win the war. They conserved metal through "junk rallies" where communities gathered pieces of scrap metal and rubber, silk, aluminum and glass. These things

The Best Flowers to Go With Antique Hydrangea

Impatiens are just one of many flowering plants suitable for growing beside old-fashioned hydrangeas.impatiens image by palms from Fotolia.comOld fashioned hydrangeas, such as Annabelle hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) and oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia), are showstoppers in...

What Are the Dangers of Cascara?

Cascara Sagrada, an herbal stimulant laxative, is the complete name of this herbal treatment used in combination with other herbs for colon cleansing. Cascara Sagrada is a common ingredient in most herbal colon cleansers, according to the Global Healing Center website. Cascara also is...

What Does a White Mossy Growth on House Plants Mean?

Houseplants can develop white mossy growth when they are infected with fungus, infested with certain pests or when they dry out. This white growth can mean that a plant either needs to be retired or treated. Treatment will vary depending on the cause of the white growth.

Lighten Up - Great Lighting Ideas For Small Gardens

The availability of lights for gardens has grown incredibly over the past few years. We seem to be installing anything from very basic schemes to some really stunning fittings in nearly every garden we build. Here are some great ideas for lighting your garden.