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Calm Your Fears About Marriage Counseling

A lot of couples view going to a marriage counselor as a dramatic point in their relationship. To help ease some apprehension associated with counseling, therapists address some of the misguided statements that keep people from contacting them.

3 Tips On How To Renew A Relationship

Many people these days don't know how to renew a relationship or they simply do not want to try. Let's face it - adult relationships take some nurturing and attention to succeed. A healthy relationship ...

Save Marriage - Resolve Differences And Renew Love

It has been shown that over half of marriages end in a divorce. Re-marriages do even more poorly with an estimated 75% of couples divorcing. Couples therapists cannot claim to have bolstered the marriage survival rate.

Creating The Right Atmosphere for Love and Forgiveness in the Home

The members of a family in oneness pursue their goals at nobody's expense, devoid of pretense or deceit. Forgiveness of errors committed in the cause of realizing these goals and objectives are easily performed without discord among family members; as mutual understanding of each other weakness

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Divorce?

Divorce proceedings are never an enjoyable experience for either party. If you are entering into a divorce, you may want to know how long the divorce process may take. Although all divorces vary, knowing the general procedures and pace of divorce proceedings prepares you for the experience.

The Top 5 Signs That A Partner May Be Cheating

The following signs albeit small but can be significant changes that may signal an infidelity. Use this list to interpret your partner's actions and behavior changes. Although some behavior changes may be completely innocent, many ...

Statistics and Quotes on Infidelity

To quote statistics on infidelity these days seems a daunting task. Some statistics quote infidelity amongst men at 60%. Women fair slightly better at 40%. Statistics are fine when you are not directly affected but ...

How To Select Your Bridal Bouquet

The bride's bouquet is among the many things the guests will first notice at the wedding as the bride makes her entrance and walks down the aisle. You want it to be stunning, yet still ...

How to Fix Your Marriage With These 4 Tips

Marriages can run into problems at any point during its course. However, there are things you can do to help improve the quality of your marriage before it comes down to separation and divorce.

Love and Marriage - Making Both Last

Many people think that if they commit to marriage the love will die. That isn't always true, you can have a wonderful marriage and still be madly in love with your spouse!

Of Weddings and Marriages

Wedding invitations and wedding cards - what do these remind us of? What else, but weddings of course. But let's divulge deeper this time. Let's talk about what the offset of weddings, marriage.

Keeping Up Beneficial Divorce Relationships

Divorce isn't a word that brings up beneficial feeling for just about anyone, particularly those that have gone via one. Nevertheless, you will discover methods that you'll be able to save your divorce relationships from turning so sour that you are able to not stand to believe of the othe