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The Greatest R&B Hits of 1967

The "Summer of Love" suddenly made the benchmark year of 1967 ground zero for psychedelic pop, leaving R&B somewhat out of the loop for the first time in a long time. Good thing the black community was beginning to look to it as a representation of their identity, and not just their cultur

Learning to Play the Piano by Ear

Sometimes you find someone who has a natural gift for playing the piano by ear. They can play beautifully, but don't know how to read a note of music. If that is something you wish you could do, there are methods for teaching yourself how to play by ear.

Instruments Used for Rock

There is no conclusive answer in the debate about which was the first rock and roll record, but there is no argument about rock's importance in the latter half of the 20th century. Prior to the rock era, musical genres within popular music were frequently defined by the instruments they used. Now, c

The Blues - The Twelve-Bar Chord Progression and Scale

When you think of the blues, the emotion and feeling that goes into the music may be what comes to mind. Unfortunately, you can't learn that from an article, but from life and living. But what you can learn is the "nuts and bolts" of playing the blues. This would include the blues cho

Licensing Music Has Helped Artists To Protect Their Creations

The process of licensing music has helped several artists to protect their music from illegal use. There are several companies that offer these license to them. If you are clueless about all the procedures, these professionals will help you in each of the step involved. For more information about th

Piano Chords And Scales: How You Can Learn Them

Learning the piano chords is the key to playing the piano fast. It can also be a great boost for your confidence when you are able to play your first song using the chords you have learnt. As you lear

Top Notch Entertainment to Enjoy in Victoria

Are you planning to travel to Victoria any month from these days? It's great to have a good time every once in a while particularly if you work quite often. Victoria, BC is the ideal ...

How to Learn Your First Guitar Chords

Figuring out how to learn guitar chords and make them sound right isn't as easy as it would sound, and if you've been struggling with this for a while now then you know that what I say is all to true. I have some advice though that might turn things around for you.

The Best Music Teacher For You!

This article is one in a series which offers workable guidelines to help to make your music lessons a positive and rewarding experience. Here, we learn how to find the best music teacher for you or your child.

Practice Piano More Effectively - How to Make the Most of Your Practice Time

A common problem for aspiring pianists and other musicians is learning how to practice their instrument. This article will give you some pointers to help you practice piano more efficiently and effectively. You'll learn how to make the best use of your time, how to "warm up," how to l

Country Radio's Most Popular Streams!

To celebrate Country Music Month, RadioTime [] recently released its Top 49 Country Music Stations rankings, a list of the most popular country music stations among users. Stations from all across the country are ...

Know the different types of Electronic Drums

The past decade has seen a drastic change in the world of electronic percussion and in the world of percussion drum set is making its presence felt in a vast manner.

How to Get MixCraft for 'Minecraft'

"Minecraft" is a multi-player online game that allows you to build objects and socialize with other players online. You can enhance your "Minecraft" game by installing custom mods and texture packs, such as MixCraft. The MixCraft texture pack includes a collection of textures for items like terrain,

How to Get a Copyright for Your Art

Not understanding the laws of copyrighting your art is simply setting yourself up for some kind of disaster. Think of how bad you'd feel if you saw one of your pieces on a wall or album cover with another artist's name under the credits. With just a small fee of only under $50, you can copyright pie

What Tools Are Needed to Make a Violin?

One of the most beloved string instruments is the violin. In northern Italy, during the mid-16th century, the craftsmanship of violinmaking required schooling for making these exquisite instruments. However, by the late 17th century the craft had spread to other parts of Europe, perfecting the instr

Kenny Rogers

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