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Ryan Kwanten Photo - 'Legend of the Guardians' Premiere

Exclusive photo of Ryan Kwanten at the premiere of the movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. Ryan Kwanten photo from the premiere of Legend of the Guardians held on September 19, 2010 in Los Angeles.

About the New York Film Festival

The popular New York Film Festival is held every year in New York City. Similar to the Cannes and Sundance film festivals, the New York Film Festival is designed recognize new and exciting filmmakers from around the world, as well as honor the art of cinema.

Top Train DVDs for Kids

Train DVDs - Kids have such a fascination with trains and tracks, here are some great DVDs that feature trains.

How to Speed Up Netflix

Netflix is an online DVD rental agency that allows you to rent movies from your computer and have them delivered directly to your door. This is a convenient service, but sometimes movies can ship from distribution centers that are actually farther away than centers closer to your home. This can add

How to Shoot a Wedding Like a Professional Wedding Videographer

Truly, I believe the most anticipated celebration in the life of a man and woman is definitely the day they chose to get married. Now anyone attending a wedding can capture that special event with flip cameras, video phones and a host of other great, affordable, high definition video cameras. I&apos

Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy is a French-American actress, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, director and singer.