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How do I Remove AVG Antivirus 2011 (Counterfeit!)?

There are two programs containing AVG in their names. Real one is a popular legit software product which has nothing to do with malicious counterfeit under similar name: get rid of AVG Antivirus 2011


Define pspp - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Mobile Website Builder

The US/Canada real estate industry alone is as huge as $7.5 trillion. Yet most realtors, real estate agents and brokers are not adept at using technology as part of their real estate marketing strategies. Specially ...

How to Format Graph Problems in Excel

Microsoft Excel provides graphing tools to visually display a variety of information. Unlike other types of mathematical problems that require you to answer the question with words, graph problems require you to show your results in a visual format. Excel allows you to customize those graphs by prov

How to Reverse Elements of an Array in C

C is a programming language for writing computer programs of any level of complexity. An array is the data structure denoted in C with square brackets which holds a set of variables in a certain order. For example, [5, 8, 12] is a C array that consists of three elements. The reversed array comprises

Vista Registry Repair

So you're finally running the latest version of Windows, and already you are considering running a scan of your registry for errors that may be in need of repair and optimization! Your applications are always hanging, generating errors, are crashing. Your operating system doesn't seem to b

What Is RegCure?

RegCure is a registry cleaning and optimization tool offered by ParetoLogic Inc. for the Windows operating system, starting with Windows 98 SE. Its advertised uses include resolving hardware issues and system crashes, as well as dramatically increasing the performance of older systems and protecting

Color Noise

An explanation of Color Noise in photography

Quick Fixes When Your Audio Drivers Aren't Working

If you can't hear any sound from your laptop or desktop, you're probably justifiably irritated--and you probably have problems with your audio drivers. There are a number of things you can do to resolve sound issues in a matter of minutes. Let's go over some of the most popular and fu


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PowerPoint: Advanced Features

PowerPoint is a key software component of Microsoft's Office suite of productivity applications. PowerPoint is used to create presentations displayed in meetings and in classrooms. The latest version as of 2011, called PowerPoint 2010, includes several advanced features that you can use in creating

How to Flip a Picture in Adobe Reader

Portable Document Format (PDF) files contain not only text and website links, but also pictures, graphics and even line drawings. When a PDF is created, sometimes pictures within the documents are upside down or in an orientation that makes the picture difficult to see. Adobe Reader includes the abi

Will the iPad Work on a Train?

Your iPad's offline functions are available anywhere you are, as long as your iPad has power. Your functions that depend on Internet connectivity will vary according to your specific train, location, iPad model and data plan, just as it would in a car or any other ground-level moving vehicle. Genera

How to Open a TPF File

A TPF file is a PCL soft font file for Hijaak, an image management and organization application. Hijaak is an image converter and screen capture program created by IMSI Design. Hijaak is also used to manage images and create image albums. The ability to add soft font files adds versatility to the gr

Do It Yourself: Photo Printing

Photographs are memories in your hand---they are a record of special occasions and events. Photography has changed throughout the years from the days of 35 mm film to digital images. Today, you can store thousands of photos on your computer and broadcast them over the Internet, but sometimes you wan

Understanding Of CAD CAM Software

The products of technology have without a doubt gone a long way. At present, its evolution has become more immense and equally impressive. As geniuses in the discipline continue their quest for excellence, the consuming ...

How to Convert an MPEG2 Layer 3 to a WMV

The MPEG-2 Layer 3 file container type is based on the MPEG video storage file type and is primarily used for analog broadcast TV streaming. WMV (Windows Media Video) files are the proprietary video file type for Microsoft's Windows Media Player, and the files are highly compatible with most other v