How to Create Different Excel Templates

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How To Fix PSIKey DLL Errors

PSIKey is a file used by the "Protexis n Titles" application, an e-commerce platform which many website publishers use to help track sales and orders on their system. Although this file is used continuously to help ensure that your computer is able to run as smoothly as possible, it's

How to Print Labels From Excel Data

Excel users can print labels from their data relatively easily. Excel provides all the tools necessary to make and print your own labels via its Mail Merge function.

How to Enter Data in Access

Microsoft Access is a database application that is a part of the Microsoft Office applications suite. Entering data into Microsoft Access isn't difficult. Essentially, there are two ways to do that: through a datasheet view or by entering a new record on an Access form.

How to Add a Label to the Form Header in Microsoft Access 2007

Add a label to the form header in Microsoft Access 2007 by editing the form in Design view. Labels can help you keep data organized, and provide you with a quick way to recognize Microsoft Access forms. You can use a variety of form tools to label this section of your Access form. Customize the labe

Web Based POS System in Singapore at Inspirepos

Earlier most of the dealers used heavy metal piece of equipment or the old registers when you noted down everything. Dealers always had to listen the irritating noise which came from the equipment, that noise ...

How to Convert RAR Files to Play on NDS

Nintendo's dual-screen portable gaming system lets you play games using two different screens at the same -- one screen for viewing and the other for drawing on with a stylus. If you have RAR files with game data for the NDS, you can decompress the RAR on your computer first to return the files back

Office 365 SMB Editions to Get a Makeover

Microsoft will revamp its Office 365 lineup for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), adding features, dropping prices and increasing the flexibility to mix and match them with Office 365 plans for enterprises and with stand-alone ...

How to Make a Round PCB in Eagle CAD

Eagle CAD is a software package used for designing electronic circuit schematics and layouts. The schematic of a circuit is a sketch of how different electronic components are connected together. This schematic is then converted into a layout, which is the actual image of the circuit as it will appe

A Take on Sharepoint Online Branding

If Sharepoint 2010 branding is one of your integral applications, it is crucial that you ensure that your users can interact with a branded, exciting and familiar environment that will encourage them to continue using ...

How to Configure Printer in Microsoft windows xp

After you have installed a printer, you have access to a number of options for configuring the printer. You must understand what options are available and how to implement them because users are likel

Help! My Applets Are Graying!

Applets form an integral part of Java software development. Technically, applets are specialized form of Java program that are embedded inside a web page and runs simultaneously with the browser. Practically, applets can be perceived to be both, revolutionary means of creating dynamic web applicatio

Is it Possible to Speed Up Computer?

Are you looking for ways to speed up computer; so you can get more done online without having to worry about your computer freezing up or seeing all those error messages. This article is hopefully going to help you discover some ways to speed computer up so that you will not feel like throwing it ou

How do I Remove a Cell From Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. If you've done a large spreadsheet, realize you've made a mistake and need to remove some cells it's not hard to do. You can remove a group of cells completely or only remove the contents of one cell. You can also remove a large range of cells at one tim

The Advantages of Absence Tracking Software

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is to educate employees about their time off benefits and tracking employee paid time off. Businesses looking to better organize their employees' paid time off records would ...