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How Do I Format Windows Millennium?

Windows ME, also known as Windows Millennium Edition, allows you to format a hard disk using a built-in utility. Formatting the hard drive will erase everything that is stored on it, including the Windows ME operating system. To format the hard drive using the Millennium Edition operating system, yo

How to Log in to a Computer Without a Passwor

The Microsoft Windows operating system has several security features built in to protect the computer and the user. One such feature is that Windows requires a password to log on to the system. However, this process can become tedious if you are the only person using your computer. Fortunately, it i

How to Reformat an iPod for Windows

When you first set up your iPod, depending on which you use, it automatically becomes Windows or Mac formatted. If your iPod is formatted for Mac, to use it on a Windows computer, it is necessary to reformat it for Windows. This involves restoring your iPod in iTunes on a Windows PC. Fortunately, wh

How to Disable Windows Genuine Advantage Verification Tool

The Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) verification tool is a built-in application designed to be a piracy detector that enforces the use of legitimate versions of the Windows operating system. If WGA detects you are running an illegitimate version of the operating system or erroneously registers it as

How to Reinstall Microsoft Word on Window XP

You have gotten over it, but now your Microsoft Word may be suffering from writer's block. You have a great idea for a short story or you simply wish to type up the grocery list. But Microsoft Word is not cooperating and you have neither the time nor the desire to become a computer repair person. Yo

About Service Pack 3

Windows XP Service Pack 3, also known as SP3, is a software update for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. The service pack contains security updates and software fixes for a number of XP operating systems.

About Windows XP Home

Windows XP came in three main flavors: Home, Professional and Media Center Edition. The majority of computers purchased for home use from companies like Dell or HP came with XP Home Edition. The difference between these versions is, for most home users, trivial.

Svchost.exe Error Solutions

As the Windows operating system developed, Microsoft chose to move a lot of critical system functions and other routines into Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files. These files, unlike their executable counterparts, can be used by numerous applications. The Svchost.exe process is used as an interface to

How to Obtain Your XP Operating System Product Code

If you plan on reinstalling your XP operating system, you'll need your Windows XP product code. If you have an OEM system and don't have a copy of your product code, or you have lost your original Windows XP documentation, it's possible to use a key finder program to retrieve your product code from

How to Unhide the Address Bar in Firefox

The address bar, or location bar, is just one of the components that make up the Firefox Navigation Toolbar. Other parts of the Navigation Toolbar include the Search Bar, the "Back" and "Forward" buttons, and other buttons that allow you to navigate the Web and interact with webpages. If your Firefo

How to Disable User Access in XP Home

When you first set up the Windows XP Home operating system on your computer you can create additional user accounts for other people to have access to the computer with their own personalized settings and folders. You can also disable the user access at any time by fully removing a user from your co

How to Download Solitaire

Although some computer setups come with the card game solitaire, there are still plenty that don't. There are also many different versions of the single player game. So if you want to play a solitaire game that you don't currently have, a good option is to find a website online where you can downloa

How to Repair Windows XP with an Installation CD

If your installation of Windows XP has been corrupted, you can repair the operating system by using a repair installation, which reloads all of the operating system's core files onto the computer from the installation CD while leaving your data files intact. This will fix many issues users experienc

How to Do a Full System Backup

Backing up your computer on a regular basis is a great way to protect yourself from data loss. When computers crash or your files become corrupted, restoring copies of those files from an outside source will ensure you never lose anything important. Performing a regular complete system backup of you

How to Use Sysprep With Acronis

Sysprep is a utility for system administrators on Microsoft Windows-based networks. Sysprep automates Windows installations by configuring a computer to use a set of default settings and a CD key prepared by the administrator. Sysprep can also allow custom Windows images that have a set of software

How to Open Setup.Exe

Files with the EXE extension are executable program files. Opening these files usually results in the launching of either a stand-alone application or an installation program. Typically, files named "setup.exe" are designed to install an application on a Windows-based PC. Files with the EXE extensio

How to Fix Interrupt Cardbus ACPI in XP

The ACPI driver is the component of the operating system that controls system interrupts (information requests) from the cardbus installed in the system. Fixing this driver on your Windows XP system is best accomplished by performing a full repair of the operating system, which will overwrite the fa

About MS-DOS Boot Disks

Boot disk allow users to launch an operating system from a CD or a floppy disks. Boot disks are very useful since users can restore or replace an operating system (OS) if the current OS fails or the hard drive crashes. Users can also boot disks to install a new program and scan a hard drive.

How to Configure a Computer to Boot From CD

Your computer's BIOS, which stands for basic input output system, tells your it how to handle some very basic options, such as how to start your computer. Your computer almost always boots from the hard drive where your operating system is located. You can change it to boot from a CD, though. This i