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How Anti Virus Software Works

What is Antivirus Software?Antivirus software are programs designed to protect a computer from malicious programs sent by other computers on the Internet. When a computer connects to the Internet, data is sent to the computer from remote computers around the world. Sometimes, that data...

New Flash Recovery Device is on the Way

Current news says that a Universal Flash Recovery device is on the way --- support a wide variety of flash based storage device like flash memory, SSD, SD card, CF card, etc. This is a breakthrough da

Online Technical Support For Virus Free Computers

Computer viruses, worms and all types of harmful software are found aplenty on the internet. Computer viruses, worms and all types of harmful software are found aplenty on the internet. They would sneak in unnoticed and can even make your computer totally useless.

Mac OSX photo recovery

Mac photo recovery OS X software to undelete Mac files from different data loss conditions like while transferring from digital camera to your laptop, lost due to formatting, deleted photos; handling

Do You Know What Is an eBook Reader?

If you are on the computer a lot, you are probably already up to date on the latest devices and technology, and you might have seen the eBook reader a lot more than usual lately. ...

Semiconductor Industry in the Era of Big Data and Analytics

This article is all about the impact of big data in the semiconductor industry. First let me explain what is big data. Big data are the data sets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software to capture, store, manage and analyze.

Dependable Computer Hire Services in Delhi

Today everything revolves around computers. Computers play a vital role in our lives, with everything turned into computerized system we cannot imagine our lives without a laptop or computer technology. With the advent of the ...

Comprehending Computer Support And What It Consists Of

Since the dependency of processes on digital systems has increased, computer systems can now be discovered in nearly every niche and commerce. People who operate these systems on their jobs are however less than professionals ...

Clear Text Passwords Still Being Sent to Me!

Clear Text Passwords Still Being Sent to Me! So I recently opened some accounts on a popular tutoring website ( and noticed that my own password was emailed to me as part of the confirmation ...

How Important Is Your Intellectual Property for You? Is It Safe?

As per the official website of World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Intellectual Property (IP), refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce'. Yet another definition for Intellectual Property, by I

How Do I Get Rid of the Trojan Virus Threats on My Computer?

If your computer has been hijacked by some third party, you are probably asking the question "how do I get rid of the trojan virus threats that are on my system?" Removing trojans is not exactly an easy process, but it is not real tough either, as long as you have the right strategy.Trojan

How to Choose the Best Online Backup for Business

Online backup for business is a technique of data loss prevention wherein files, emails, projects or entire computer system files are copied and saved offsite. Because of the...

What Is Hard Disk Data Recovery?

Hard disk data recovery is a normal routine in any organization. Any user must look at this knowledge as essential and a must to acquire because once in a while a hard disk jams and may not boot the computer. This means one must have simple diagnostics software tools to go round the problem.

File Shredder Tools

Shred files and free space to prevent unauthorized recovery.Paper shredder image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.comYou might think that when you delete a file on your computer and then empty your "Trash" or "Recycle Bin," that file is gone forever. These files have actually not gone...