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Eat Broccoli to Fight Skin Cancer

A new study has found that eating broccoli helps skin cells to ward off damage from sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the primary cause of most skin cancers. The researchers focused their attention on the anti-cancer properties of a compound derived from broccoli sprouts called sulforap

Growing of Brain tumor Diagnosed people in the world

In the fast moving world, Brain tumor is one of the major causes for the increase in Mortality among children and adults. Brain tumor is one an abnormal mass of tissue in which cells grow and multiply

Toenail Care – Nail Disorders Due to Chemotherapy

During chemotherapy for breast cancer, you may see changes in your finger and toenails, due to the drugs being used. Nails can change color, become fragile, and even come loose. Here are some ways to take care of your toenails, and prevent problems, while taking chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Mouth Cancer Causes

Mouth cancers can begin on the roof or bottom of the mouth, inside the cheeks, gums, lips and tongue, and may cause symptoms including loose teeth, pain and bleeding. Mouth cancers are also called oral cancers or oral cavity cancers, and are often diagnosed by dentists during routine exams and clean

The Impact of Good Nutrition on Breast Cancer

Your risk of developing breast cancer might be one in nine; however, it may be higher or lower depending on additional risk factors. It is important to know the factors that can drive your risk for the disease higher and the screening tests that are used to find it.

Drug Treatment for Neurosis

Neurosis is a condition that affects millions of Americans daily. Depending on the level of neurosis, it may or may not require medication. If you, alongside a qualified physician, feel that medication is an option you may benefit from, there are different treatments available of which you should be

What Are The Various Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer stages are a recognized way of describing the level of progress of a kidney cancer case. Once a stage has been assigned, the doctor can begin to evaluate the best means for treatment. ...

A Brief Guide to Lymph Node Cancer

Did you know that about 5% of all cancers are composed of lymph node cancer? Also known as lymphoma, this condition affects both men and women, commonly within the age range of 15 to 54. Between the sexes though, men are more likely to have it. Lymph node cancer is also known as lymphoma. This perta

Radiation Failure on Treating Prostate Cancer

HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) uses high-energy sound waves to destroy prostate cancer cells without radiation. Intersecting, precision-focused ultrasound waves raise the temperature within the targeted cancerous tissue greater than 80-90 degrees Celsius in seconds, effectively destroying

Tissue Expanders And Breast Reconstruction

Tissue expanders are used in breast implant reconstruction. Tissue expanders come in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures. Learn more about tissue expanders and breast implant reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Dying From Lung Cancer

Why are a lot of women dying of lung cancer? Research puts forward that while women may smoke less cigarettes and inhale less of the cigarettes that they do smoke, women are 1.5 times more probable to suffer from cancer of the lung than men. Even though extra research is wanted, scientists consider

Immune System

What is the immune system? A definition for laypeople, from a skin cancer perspective.

Metastatic Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer that is affecting close to 100,000 Americans every year. Many of these patients are diagnosed with a form of this cancer known as metastatic colon cancer.

Clothing For Breast Cancer Survivors With Lymphedema

At age 43 I underwent a lumpectomy and radiation for treatment of my breast cancer. After recovery I found that knitted and spandex tops did not lie as well on my chest. Nor did swimsuits. They accented the asymmetry of my busts.