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Fed Lowers Growth Forecast for US Economy

At a meeting yesterday, the US Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decided to leave the base interest rate unchanged at 0.25%. However, the FOMC lowered its forecast on the country's GDP growth for ...

What Does Greece Have to Do With the Price of Barrel Oil?

Why we all need to avoid slipping in Greece: The connection between Greece debt to the EuroZone and how the price barrel oil worldwide is affected. Understand why the European Central Bank is not entirely happy with progress in Greece either and is demanding even more drastic action.

What Return Do Ground Rents Provide?

In recent years many property investors have been turning to alternative ways of investing in the property market without the risk of being too exposed if property prices take a hit due to the uncertainty in the property market. One way of doing this is to buy freehold ground rents where the landlor

Flip and Grow Rich In 2011

Anyone can go out fix up a house and say they flipped a house. But will it pass inspection? Was the work done correctly and so on? When flipping a house you need to have training. You need to know how to select a house to flip. You need to know how to market that house once it's complete.

Determine the Trend Before You Trade

It is important to know if there is a trend in place, and if so, what the direction of the trend is. This seems basic to trading, but few traders have a clear definition of what a trend is. Trends are easy to spot in hindsight. But rules are needed to determine the trend as it is developing.

What Is an Affidavit of Lost Security Deed?

A real estate closing has a vocabulary all its own. "Fee simple," "tenants in common" and "security deed" are just a few terms you may encounter when you buy a house. The documents involved in a closing are similarly specific to real estate transactions. Listing agreements, disclosure statements and

Survive the Coming Depression

In a recent poll, 54% said they think there is further downside to the recession. Wealth can evaporate into nothingness. Real estate deflation has reached 50% in some areas. Trillions of dollars are gone. Poof! Stock and bond markets are jittery and topping.

Hexacube - Why Is This The Best Investment Option In Singapore Right Now?

There are many savvy investors in Singapore who are always on the lookout as to what is the next best investment. There have been plenty of ups and downs in the local property market and currently, it appears to be that we are headed for a dip in the property cycle. Based on that, many investors are

Learn All About Gold And Silver Investment

Due to scrap and stockpile sales, the supply of silver has fallen dramatically over the last forty years. Silver investment should be profitable due to the improving supply situation in the silver markets.

How To Research Forex Trade

Perhaps recently you have heard or seen commercials about Forex trade, and most likely you've noted the obvious that stocks, real estate, and a lot of other well known investments have not performed well over the past 12 years. The question then becomes what opportunities exist in Forex and how

10 Questions That a Buyer's Advocate Can Answer

For both first-time home buyers and experienced investors with limited time, buyer's advocates can be a very valuable advantage in the property market. Most sell themselves as 'the expert that is on your side', and this is without doubt their most important benefit. If your house hunt

Structure of a Good Retired Life

You were such a busy person for around 25 years of your life with work and suddenly one day, you have nothing to do. This is not easy. How much ever you wanted to retire and take rest, at least after some days, you will feel like you want to work again.

Making Money in a Bear Market

When is a good time to invest in the stock market? The bottom of a bear market may seem to be the worst possible time. But when shareholders flee the market, canny investors know that there are plenty

How to Get Ahead in the Game of Forex Trading?

Nowadays every business is facing cut throat competition. Companies are paying millions of dollars to get into their exact target market. Whereas there is a market which pays you for knowing it. It is forex ...

Italy Offers Healthy Returns and Healthy Relaxation

The dynamics of the property investment market are shifting as owning a holiday home abroad has become a combination of fulfilling a lifestyle desire and also about shrewd investment.The Italian property market is "thriving" due to this changing trend. Overseas property investors are retur