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What Is Required to Place a Mechanic's Lien on Someone?

A mechanic's lien is a title encumbrance on a home placed by an individual, such as a supplier or subcontractor, who never received payment for services rendered. Until the homeowner, or in some cases, the contractor, pays the debt, the lien will remain--making it difficult to sell or refinance the

How Do I Get a Connecticut State Tax ID Number?

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services has the responsibility of issuing a state tax ID number to new businesses. According to the Business Name USA website, a Connecticut state tax ID appears as a necessity for any business engaged in buying or selling taxable wholesale or retail goods in t

Information About Mortgages

Mortgages are the most common financial vehicle to make a home purchase. Mortgages come in many shapes and sizes but consist of three basic flavors: FHA, VA or conventional home loans. Knowing the drawbacks and benefits of mortgages before signing on the dotted line can save consumers thousands of d

How to Claim Someone on Your Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service allows people to reduce their income tax burden by claiming dependents on their tax returns. Dependents include dependent children and dependent relatives. The criteria differ slightly, such as dependent children only needing to not provide more than half their support,

Nursing Journalist Salary

A nursing journalist is any journalist who specializes in reporting on stories for or about nurses. This can include political reporting on issues that affect nursing and health care, investigative reporting on hospitals or other facilities, or any other related subject. How much a nursing journalis

Do You Need More Time to File Your Tax Return?

April 15 is the tax filing deadline for 2009. This means you need to have your tax return in the mail by the end of that day. If you do not have your return in the mail by that time, you're technically late in the filing of said return which of course will not make the IRS happy.

Choose Your Naperville Accountant Sensibly

You will have to look into a lot of accounting procedures irrespective of the size and nature of your business. Hence looking for a competitive Naperville accountant is going to be very important for you.

Best and Worst States for Business

This article summarizes the findings of a study that ranked the best and worst states for business, based on state taxes. Find out where your state ranks and where you'll pay the least in state taxes.

About 1099-Rs

Knowing how 1099-R forms differ from a plain 1099 or even a standard W-2 is crucial to protecting your investments when filing your taxes each year. There are some common misconceptions and mistakes that you can avoid when filing your income tax returns.

List of Federal Excise Taxes

Congress establishes federal excise taxesCapitol Building image by dwight9592 from Fotolia.comFederal excise taxes are taxes placed on specific goods and services. Taxes on motor fuel, tobacco and alcohol are key federal excise taxes. Some communication and transportation products and...

Easy Tax Tips Everyone Can Use

Most of us have questions and concerns about our taxes, and when tax time rolls around many of us start to worry about organizing and filing tax returns. The thought of making a mistake, filing late, or owing much more than you thought can be a worry. Luckily, there are a few easy tips that can make

The Importance of Supporting Local Charities

We all know how important it is to give back to those who are less in need. We assist in helping raise valuable life-saving funds and living supplies. It makes you feel more connected to ...

Taking the Assistance of Taxation Consulting Services

Taxation is one of the most complicated issues which any salaried person cannot avoid even though they hate it. Preparing the tax returns, filing them is a very cumbersome as well as time consuming task. ...

Audit Letters From The Irs

Picking up the mail each day should not be hazardous to your health. That being said, there are a few letters you can receive which can raise your blood pressure. Getting one from the IRS that does not contain forms is surely the stuff of the end of the world.

Can I Sell My House With Back Taxes?

Property taxes help pay for government services. Procedures in place to collect back taxes vary by state and county. When selling your house with back taxes due, the proceeds from the sale pay off the taxes. If the sale price is not sufficient to pay off the taxes and other debts on the property, yo