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How to Make Baby Tutu Skirts With Ribbon

Using ribbon in place of elastic allows a skirt to grow with the child. All too often babies grow out of tutus because the elastic waistband becomes too small around the waist. Swapping elastic for ribbon allows the skirt to adjust with the waist so if the baby becomes smaller or larger, the ribbon

What Is the Pattern of Inheritance?

Genetic traits that cause a particular health condition track back to a pattern of inheritance, also called a mode of inheritance. The major types of inheritance patterns include single gene inheritance, mitochondrial inheritance and multifactoral inheritance. Associated conditions include Huntingto

Neck Tie Quilt Instructions

A necktie quilt is the answer to your quandary, if you've inherited all of your dad's old neckties. A complete quilt will take quite a few ties. If you haven't enough, scour garage sales, discount stores and the Goodwill store for more.

How to Silkscreen on Canvas

Screen printing is an expensive hobby but can be incredibly rewarding when you wear stylish clothes that you have designed yourself. Learning how to screen print is also a great idea if you want to make canvas bags to advertise your business or your artistic talents. Making the first print is expens

Candle Holder Decorating Ideas

As a decoration, candles are a favorite. However, many types of candles, such as tea lights or tapers, are of little use without a holder. Decorating old candle holders, or new holders you've made yourself, is a great way to customize the look of your candle decorating and coordinate with your home

Butterfly Shaped Quilt Instructions

Making a butterfly quilt isn't difficult, but there are many steps, so it is a nice project to spread out over several weeks, doing a little at a time. Spend one evening cutting out your quilt squares, and another evening cutting out your butterflies. Gradually applique the butterflies to the quilt

Instructions for German Paper Stars

German paper stars are known by several names including Fröbelsterne or Froebel, Moravian and German paper stars. Froebel stars are generally made for Christmas as a traditional family project, and are made out of four strips of paper. Each family member makes his own star and places them on t

How to Clean a French Horn Mouthpiece

Your mouthpiece could arguably be called the most important part of your horn. This is where the sound begins, and this is how your tone is created. If your mouthpiece is dirty, it can create quite a few problems--your intonation may even become dulled and your tone quality can drop because of debri

Japanese Paper Crafts

Japanese paper crafts are made using washi (or wagami), which literally means "Japanese paper." The Japanese character for "wa" denotes something Japanese in origin. The character for "shi," which can also be read "gami" or "kami," denotes paper. Washi is known for its strength, durability, flexibi

How to Make a Clay Seahorse

Working with clay stimulates both the mind and the hands. Clay creations are especially good for children because they allow for creativity. Clay projects can be created and re-created numerous times before the child determines a final project for drying. There is no limit to the types of crafts you

How to Convert an Old Table Saw to a Sander

Converting an old table saw into a sander is a challenging task but a way to save money. Often you can use a table saw as a sander by replacing the saw blade with a sanding disk. You do not have to be an expert to turn a table saw into a sander, although it helps if you have some previous knowledge

How to Make a Stiff Paper Box

To make a stiff paper box all you need is a thicker type of paper and some simple origami folding techniques. Avoid thin papers such as notebook, typing or copier paper and opt for a more substantial paper like construction paper or watercolor paper. Sketchbook paper or magazine covers are also good

How to Make Tutus for Infants

Tutus for infants can be used in many ways. They are not only enjoyable for the infant to wear, but they look adorable! While the baby is wearing the tutu, she will be able to touch it and explore the different textures and colors. Buying a tutu in a specific size or color may prove to be a challeng

How to Make a Rag Doll

This simple rag doll can be made in an afternoon and is a great project for novice doll makers. Use scrap fabric or inexpensive fabric remnants to construct the doll.

How to Make Hairbow Spikes

Create decorative hair bow spikes using your choice of grosgrain ribbons. Design hair bow spikes to complement an outfit or to represent the colors of your favorite team. Also called pinwheel bows, these hair bow spikes are cheerleader favorites. The simplicity of the technique may surprise you; onc

How to Make Beach Jewelry

Beach jewelry made from sea shells and other beach-themed charms is simple to make but can be difficult to design. There are so many available choices of shell beads and beach-related charms that making a selection can be the most difficult aspect of creating beach jewelry. Online bead retailers oft

How to Make a Strapless Summer Dress

Lightweight fabrics, loose fitting clothing and bare skin are often part of summer attire. Dress silhouettes such as the strapless dress is usually made with a two-piece pattern. Smocking, which is stitched gathered fabric, is often part of the strapless dress design to hold the wearer's upper bodic

How to Make Yarn Hair for a Soft Doll

If you are creating a new doll or simply repairing an old one, making hair is one of the simpler tasks you can complete. You can make hair from most any yarn, although tightly spun wool yarns may wear better than acrylic yarns or loosely spun wool. Doll hair be any length of any color. You can use y

Embroidery Machine Programs for Computers

Higher end embroidery machines such Babylock, Bernina, Janome, and Pfaff sometimes come with embroidery software when purchased from a licensed dealer. However, embroidery software can be purchased and used with any embroidery machine that is capable of connecting to a computer. According to Jennife

How to Bead Cabochons

A cabochon is a convex elliptical or elongated oval shaped pendant that can be made with gemstones, small pieces of glass or porcelain. Cabochons are highly polished and are used to make pendants, charms and other types of decorative pieces of jewelry. You can bead a cabochon with small seed beads b