How to Approach Girls and Seduce Them Like a Pro

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Guess what - one of the biggest fears that men have is to approach random females.
This comes from the fact that there is a high probability that guys get rejected (and publicly embarrassed) when they try to talk to a random woman they meet at public places.
What many guys do not know is that there are methods which are virtually fail proof when it comes to approaching women and getting their phone numbers.
Read on to discover what these methods are and achieve super amazing results with ease...
How To Approach Girls And Seduce Them Like A Pro - Three Ways Method Number One - "Three Second Rule".
What this rule means is that whenever you notice a woman you are interested in, you must make your move within three seconds.
You see - if you ever hesitate, you lose.
Remember that women fear nervous men the most.
If you approach a girl nervously, you are bound to fail.
To fight this, you must approach within three seconds upon seeing her.
Method Number Two - "The Blitzer".
You see, dating is a numbers game - if you approach enough women, there will be some who will respond positively to you.
So, get out there and start approaching, say five women today.
Work your way up to at least fifteen women in a day when you get better at this game.
(Dirty) Method Number Three - "The Underhanded Hypnotist".
If you are unable to make the girl give you a positive response when you chat her up, you might as well just hypnotize her into falling for you.
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