How to Win Your Puppy"s Trust, Confidence and Respect

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Many people feel they can only get the love of their puppy if they give the puppy whatever they want.
There is nothing wrong if you provide your puppy with lots of attention and affection because they are so adorable and cuddly.
This is fantastic for most of the puppies, but should also be balanced with respect.
If you just give in to every one of your puppy's need, your puppy will never learn how to practice restraint and self-discipline.
And more importantly, your puppy will never learn to respect you, and will not see any reason in doing something for you.
It is important for your puppy to have a leader and an appropriate chain of command.
If you do not establish yourself as the leader early on, the result will be a dog that is out of control, naughty and often aggressive.
These dogs often end up in the back yard as their owners cannot dealer with their behavior.
Some may even end up in a shelter.
On the other hand, other owners might have a misconception by thinking you should establish your dominance by bullying or terrorizing your puppy into it.
A puppy that is being treated in this manner will eventually bite its owner.
Respect is not something that it forced, but what is won by the owner.
If your puppy doesn't trust you, they will definitely not respect you.
Winning your puppy's respect and trust can be a very simple process if you make use of basic training commands and gentling exercises.
But what is most important is that these routines must be expected by your puppy.
((One of these routines are where you ask your puppy to sit before you get them a treat, or before you leave the house to go out for a walk.
If your puppy does not obey, put them in a sitting position using your hands and do not offer them a treat.
But still praise your puppy if they do get into the sitting position.
Eventually your puppy will get the hang of this routine, and at the same time you will build a relationship of trust, love, respect and consistency.
You can also use your hands to put your puppy in a down position and then inspect your puppy by touching their ears, tail, teeth etc.
Make sure that your puppy sees this as a fun experience while you are handling them, and also give them a doggy treat during all of this.
But no biting should be allowed, and make sure that they know this.
If they stop the biting, let your puppy know how good they are by praising them profusely.
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