Video: How to Make Your Own Math T-Chart

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov. And this is how to make your own math T-chart. Now a T-chart is a very useful way to find values in an equation. So for example if we have X and Y we can find all our X and Y values based on an equation. For example lets say Y equals X plus two. Something very simple but you can build on this as much as you want and the same thing hold true. We'll start with plugging in a value for X. Lets say X equals zero. So then we're saying Y equals zero plus two. Which equals two. So we put two up here. Then we can say X equals one, so Y equals one plus two. And that's going to be three. So we have one here. We'll put three here. We can try X equals two. So Y equals two plus two. Which equals four. And as we go we now have a patter and we can also graph the line based on the ordered paired we have from the two charts.
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