Ideas for Window Cornices

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    Constructing the Cornice

    • The most common material used to construct a cornice is wood, but if you lack the tools or knowledge to build a wood cornice, there are other options such as foam and cardboard. If you build a wood cornice, make sure the wood is level before cutting. If you plan to stain the wood, a hardwood is the best choice. Determine the length and depth of the cornice and cut the wood. Make sure you factor the width of the boards in your calculations. Attach the wood with either nails or screws.

      To make a cornice out of foam or cardboard, cut the main facing piece and the two side pieces to the length you need and glue the pieces together. Make sure the pieces are flat and square when assembled. It is a good idea to clamp the pieces together while the glue dries. If you choose to make a cornice from cardboard, make sure the cardboard is very stiff and thick, otherwise your cornice won't support the weight of decorations and will sag after hanging.

    Decorating the Cornice

    • Fabric-covered cornice

      The most common way of decorating a cornice is with a fabric covering. For a wood cornice, cover the cornice with batting and your selected fabric and staple in place. For a foam or cardboard cornice, wrap the batting and fabric around the cornice and attach to the cornice with straight pins. Add ribbons, tassels and other trim to make the cornice dressier.

      You can add molding to a wood cornice and paint or stain the cornice. Hardware stores and hobby shops sell decorative wood pieces that you can use to make the cornice more elaborate. Be sure to thoroughly sand a wood cornice before applying paint or stain. Remember to use a paintable or stainable caulk for filling gaps.

      You can also use wallpaper and wallpaper border to cover the cornice. Other ideas for fun, creative coverings that are especially suited to a child's room are scrapbook paper, foam stickers, rhinestones, cut glass, seashells and buttons. If you are a talented painter, you can paint cartoon characters or a princess bride on the cornice. The only limit to covering a cornice is the amount of weight the cornice can hold and your imagination.

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