Affiliate Marketing And What It Can Do For You

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The topic is affiliate marketing but before we start I want to briefly talk about visions.
You may ask what visions have to do with anything.
My response is, visions have to do with everything! So what is a vision anyway? A vision is a mental picture of the way you want your life to be - the life you want to lead.
It's what you want to be, to have and to do.
Each of us should have a clear picture of what our vision is...
do you remember a past issue when we talked about goals? Goals are the stepping stones that lead to the accomplishment of your vision.
For example, many of you started your internet marketing business because your ultimate vision is to become wealthy, right? But starting the business wasn't enough to achieve that wealth, was it? Most businesses require hard work.
You may need to learn about new things in order to reach one or several of your goals.
Just remember that you need to visualize what it is that you want, believe it will happen, "feel" it will happen, take actions toward making it happen, and reap the rewards of your efforts! Never give up! Now for a quote by Clement Stone: "I think there is something, more important than believing: Action! The world is full of dreamers, there aren't enough who will move ahead and begin to take concrete steps to actualize their vision.
" Congratulations on working toward the actualization of your vision! Because you have started your online business and you are considering capitalizing on affiliate marketing programs, you are continuing the pathway toward your success! Affiliate Marketing sounds more intimidating than it is.
It's actually an inexpensive way to generate money through your website.
Most sites offer an affiliate program so your choices are limitless.
But how do you pick an affiliate that's right for you? Let's start with a basic definition of what an affiliate is.
First, you choose a program that you will be associated with - we'll discuss how in a moment.
That company will issue you an ID code.
The only obligation that you have is to promote that program from your website with links to their website.
If your visitors buy a product or service from the affiliate program, the sale is recorded as yours because of your unique ID and you then get paid.
Easy, right? Some merchants or service providers pay you a commission not only based on sales, but for referral fees or pay-for-click fees.
Now let's get back to how to select a program that will work for you.
I suggest going to ClixGalore.
You can sign up for free.
Make a list of programs that compliment your product or service - notice that I said compliment, not compete with it.
Next, look at the commissions payouts.
I recommend finding products with commissions of at least $8 - $10.
Why? Because the purpose of adding affiliates to your site is to make money.
Stay away from the really small payouts but be careful about huge commissions also.
Those commissions are large for a reason.
As you check through the listings offered at ClixGalore.
com you will notice that many programs are "tiered".
This means that you get paid on any sales you make and also any sales made by affiliates that sign up with that program through your links.
It's usually a small percentage, but the point is that you are basically getting paid for doing nothing! That, of course, is a good thing! If you are fortunate enough to have a partner and to have more than one site, then you can each sign up under the other at the different sites with these tiers and receive the maximum benefit possible.
do not sign up under yourself.
You will also notice that some programs have monthly fees for the participants.
If you are an affiliate with these programs you will receive a percentage of that fee each month for as long as a person that signs up through your link subscribes! That can add up to significant residual income! Remember that as an affiliate, it's not your job to sell, only to pre-sell.
So basically, your job is to "get-the-click-through" and leave the selling up to the merchant.
This does not mean that you won't praise the product or service.
Say whatever wonderful things you can about what the product or service can do for the client.
Think about how it will meet some "wants" of the client, not necessarily any "needs.
" Promote products that you believe in and have knowledge about if possible.
You may want to generate a potential list of questions and issues your target audience may have related to this product/service.
If you don't already know the answers, then find them.
Know what problem the product/service is designed to solve.
Also, seek out data to support any claims made by the affiliate product's sales letter.
This will help you to gather all the information you could ever need related to your affiliate's products.
The program should provide more than just a link to join the affiliate program.
They may offer useful promotional material, such as sample ads, articles, reviews, etc.
Keep in mind that you can simply have links to your affiliate in your content.
This is oftentimes the most effective form of linking to your affiliate program because your visitor then gets the feeling that you have personally recommended the product or service.
Rather than simply seeing a detached banner at the bottom of the page they read a statement made by you about using the product or service.
Although affiliate marketing can be profitable, don't over do it or your website will lose some of its credibility.
Rather than being a resource itself, it will be a place of commercials for others.
One to three affiliate products per page should be plenty.
Affiliates alone probably won't make you wealthy, but having affiliate programs on your website(s) can certainly supplement your income.
And with that in mind I will add another quote, this one is from George S.
Patton: "A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.
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