Online Activism: The Future Of Being Heard

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The internet has transcended the phase where it was used as a tool to get information and so has the world of social media networking. Thanks to the different tools and resources available on the internet, communication with thousands or even millions of people has been made easy and even more effective. With just a single click, people are able to connect, relate, and talk about issues affecting their lives or the lives of others and try to make the world and appropriate institutions aware of these issues and proffer lasting solutions.

This is basically the act of online activism. From the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the present day of the chibok girls protest in Nigeria, protests and activism has existed and would probably continue to exist as people would continuously cry out about a case of injustice or ill-happenings in one part of the world or another.

The difference between the days of Luther King and the #BringBackOurGirls is the presence of online activists and their use of the internet to effectively tell the whole about the kidnapping of over 200 school girls in Northern Nigeria.

With the advancement in technology and the internet helping to integrate some tools that can help broadcast the happening in a small village to the world, the term global village has really being accomplished in its real sense.

Tools such as a webcam and online resources like Nterestin,, can bring out the activism in any individual. With Nterestin, you can instantly bring your Hashtag Movement to the center of attention. Nterestin is a LIVE video group chat that allows you to discuss what matters. Online activism has never been so engaging until now. It is thanks to social media networks like Nterestin and other activist websites, it is only takes a matter of hours or days before the world is aware of your issue.

Basically, all an online activist wants is positive change and there are a number of digital and internet tools that if well harnessed can help to drive home the point and subsequently make the change come true.

These tools would range from online petitions to social network posts and even blog posts. Micro-blogging and mobile phones have also been employed in helping activists achieve their aim of a better world.

The benefits of online activism are immense and in actual fact, these benefits cannot be fully discussed irrespective of the allowed duration. This is so as the world of technology and the internet is dynamic and as such new trends tend to affect and influence the different benefits that can be derived from online activism.

The major benefit however is the easy and wide reach of the different tools and resources employed. With the possibility of reaching millions of people in some few hours, one can only imagine the future of online activism as technology continues to advance.
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