Filipino Girls In Singapore – Are You Thinking Of Marrying Her

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Filipino girls in Singapore comprise of the estimated 100,000 Filipinos working and living in the country. These women are here for the job opportunities and the promise of higher pay which most Filipinos dream and hope for. Most Filipinas are employed as house helpers followed by those that work in the information technology industry, nurses, bank clerks, sales assistants in department stores, and entertainers.  This estimate does not include those Filipinos that go to Singapore as tourists.

If you are thinking of dating these Filipino girls in Singapore, it is vital that you know their cultural background. Filipinos have a very rich history and their culture has evolved over the years as a result of different foreign occupations.  This has added to the uniqueness of their culture because it can be something that they can call their own. You should know that Filipinos are very family-oriented and are very close-knit. You can find several generations of the same family settled in one location. They are either in one huge ancestral house or clustered in a compound. They may be a clashing of different attitudes but in the end when there is an occasion everybody gathers and settle their differences in another day.

Dating a Filipina in the Philippines or abroad would mean to be in harmony with every member of her family. If one disapproves especially her elders then you would have to cover a lot of ground. You will need to spend a lot of time to establish a harmonious relationship with that certain individual before you can continue dating your Filipina interest.

Now, if you plan to marry her then that would mean marrying the whole clan or family. But, this does not mean literally of course. In some instances the elders would prefer that you settle down within their compound or near their location for the purpose of establishing close family ties. Another reason for this is that if one has a problem then the other family member who is better off must help. It may sound very stressful and depressing but it is how Filipinos have overcome many trying times throughout history. There are also advantages as well. When you are in trouble there are a lot who can lend a helping hand.

If you are abroad you will need to find time to travel to the Philippines. You need to do this to ask for approval from her parents as this is the custom as a sign of respect. Formally asking her parents approval would also mean you will have to adjust to a lot of Filipino culture and eat a lot of Filipino dishes as well. Some foreigners find it very interesting and heartwarming while some find it stomach churning and a lot of visits to the comfort room. There are a lot more that you should learn about and your girlfriend can help you or you can search it yourself on the internet.

Overall dating and marrying Filipino girls in Singapore or anywhere else in the world she may be, will be the best choice you will ever make in your life.
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