New Education Australia Curriculum – Let Us Hope for the Best

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The Australian federal government has introduced revised plans for national education curriculum. According to the present education rule, each state and territory in Australia has a curriculum of their very own. For this reason, those who Study in Australia find it quite problematic while moving to other states. It takes them considerable time to adapt to new state-specific course curriculum. The new rule is expected to introduce uniformity of education irrespective of state or territorial boundary.

In Australia, performance of schools and colleges is done on a regular basis. From now on, the educational institutes will be made accountable for their not-up-to-the-mark performance. Due to the enforcement of uniform education law, it will be much easier to compare the performance level of the existing Education Australia institutions.

To the readers' utmost surprise, Australia has a fair share of literacy problem too. In 2009, a report regarding the degree of literacy problems was made public by the Council of Australian Government. It is hoped that the new education plan will address this literacy crisis in Australia. This report contains the following crucial facts:
€ Australia has higher proportion of working age. The average professionals have literacy and numeracy level much lower than what is required in respect to the complex pattern of work.
€ The report is based on extensive studies on the correlation between the working age and socio-economic status. It reveals that the proportion of working age to low numeracy and literacy takes a nosedive in response to the improvement on the socio-economic front.
€ Australia has been demoted to fourth position by the OECD's international student assessment of literacy levels.

The new rule will add to the dynamics of Australia education. The revised plan will address several issues in addition to performance appraisal and uniform curriculum introduction as well as regulation. The whole point of bringing these changes is to mend the faults in education system through the most systematic approach.

Education Australia is a comprehensive program developed to enhance the literacy levels of the children. Australian government has been quite up and active as to the promotion of higher studies. It is found out that the Australian children have not been provided with proper instructions to develop their literacy skills. A probable reason for such problem may be due to abolition of teaching phonics or the sound breaking down, thereby creating difficulty for the students to understand what word has been spelt out. It was expected that the children would be able to memorize the pronunciation of the words but in reality, this learning-through-listening method has failed to establish any positive impact.

The psychologists have made a survey on the students of a few Australian primary schools. They have found out that many of these students are unable to differentiate between words in a single sentence. The new-age Study in Australia spells out the importance of phonetics for the school-goers. The improvised education policy will not do magic but definitely bring a significant change in the way the children are taught and the performance of schools is assessed.
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