The Heineken Experience

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One of the largest names in the beer industry and which has managed to etch its name all over the world is Heineken.
Heineken is a name that has been associated with the beer brewery for many years when its Netherlands counterparts offered to create a winning platform on the basis of creating and developing a winning brand in beer.
This gave rise to a company which was formulated with the sole intention of providing customers with the best quality in alcoholic refreshments.
When visiting The Netherlands, one of the most reputed places for a beer admirer to go is The Heineken Experience.
This a complete museum that is built to commemorate one of the largest selling beer brands in the world.
The museum provides the visitor with a complete once in a lifetime achievement option to help them understand about the birth of the beer world.
it shows images and photos and few replicas which date back to the early times as to when Heineken was in its development stages.
Passing through the hallway, visitors can get the glimpse of the world which is today the largest selling brand in the beer trade.
At the end of the hallway, one will get the whiff of freshly brewed beer which is waiting for them in a jug.
Visiting The Netherlands without going through The Heineken Experience is truly a lost visit.
For those avid beer drinkers and for those who love the smell of freshly brewed hops, The Heineken Experience should be the number one thing to do when visiting Amsterdam.
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