Do What You Love in 2011 - You Don"t Need Fixing!

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It's that time of year again when we all start thinking about those parts of ourselves that we need to "fix" - we need to earn more, lose weight, get fitter, give up smoking and drinking and so on.
There's countless products on the market that offer us the "perfect" solution and try to hypnotise us into believing that if we buy certain "products" we'll be "fixed!".
Let's consider this for a moment.
Did you set any new years resolutions last year? Did you actually achieve any of them? Can you even remember if you set any and what were they because most people will have forgotten them before the month of January is over.
So what's the problem? Well forcing ourselves to do something we don't like doing in the hope that some time in the future we'll be happy is never going to be an easy road.
Not only that, embarking on a journey of self-inflicted misery will not create happiness anyway, except for a few moments when we reach our perceived summit and let go of the inflicted misery! Well what if you don't need fixing at all.
What if we're already good enough, have more than enough and are "pure, perfect and complete".
What then? Even just take a moment to consider that this might actually be true.
Take a few deep breaths and think about it.
How does it feel? I know for me when I do, it feels so freeing, it feels great.
No more chasing.
No more struggling and striving to "fix" myself.
No more comparing myself to others and telling myself "I've still a long way to go!" But how can you motivate yourself, you may be asking? The only reason we need motivation is because we are not really pursuing a path that we love.
If we love what we do, we don't need any motivation we simply love doing it.
I remember hearing a radio interview with Patricia Scanlan, a very well-known author, when she was bringing out her tenth novel.
The interviewer said "you must be very disciplined to keep yourself writing all the time".
Her reply was "no absolutely not, I love writing.
I'd spend the whole day writing and writing.
It's cleaning the house that I have to discipline myself to do!" What do you love to pursue? If someone told you in 2011 you'll be pursuing a particular path that you love, what would it be? Maybe it's to write your first book? Maybe it's to travel? Maybe it's to create your own business doing what you're passionate about? Maybe it's sharing what you love and are passionate about with others.
What's are the biggest challenges you'll face in 2011 should you decide to do this? Probably having enough time to do it.
You won't need to motivate yourself to do it because you love it.
You won't need to "fix" yourself first because you know you're already pure, perfect and complete.
Another challenge will be your sense of urgency of how to get your message out there to as many people as possible, whether thats your book, your music, your business or whatever.
And the very interesting thing that will happen is all those other "fixes" you thought you needed - losing weight, having enough money, having the perfect relationship, "being good enough" or whatever will sort themselves out.
When you're doing what you love, you don't feel like eating junk food.
When you're doing what you love you are wise with your money and don't spend it on "things" which you think will make you feel better.
You realise one of the great purpose's of relationships is not to find happiness but to do your part in creating happiness.
But do you know what the biggest challenge of all may be in 2011? Believing that what I'm saying here is true.
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