Discover Some Popular Blood-Stained Destinations Of The World!

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Several people find strange ways to end their lives.
Most suicides are committed by jumping off some cliff or bridge probably because it is the fastest way to kill oneself.
When you jump off, you can even die in the middle of the air.
While those who do not have still a very little chance to survive.
There is a possibility that can just save their lives.
That is when the rescue team reaches them with survival breathing systems or emergency breathing systems.
Otherwise, water is a fast killer and successfully chokes you to death.
This world is home to various such inviting places.
You will be surprised to know that most of you come across those locations quite frequently in your life.
Get ready to be awed! Just sit back and find out where the most favorable jump-off points are.
Aokigahara is one such spot.
It is mainly a creepy looking forest just at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan.
The forest is almost a sea of trees where countless bodies are found round the year.
This place is ideal for a person who wish to die the most scary and torturous death.
Even in summer the rocky terrain is covered with ice.
It is haunted by the stories of monsters and ghosts which further supports the sinister reputation of the place.
Golden Gate Bridge is the longest suspension bridge known to mankind.
Apart from a famous connecting route between San Francisco and California, it is an ideal spot for suicide.
The bridge has a fatal grandeur and literally no barrier to suicidal attempts.
This is how the place inspires an already depressed soul for suicide.
According to some, dying from this bridge is conceived as the most romantic death.
Niagara Falls, as you all know, attracts tourists from around the world.
But what you do not know is that the place has great appeal to mentally distraught individuals around the world.
It might also interest you to know that ladies more than males love this place as a suicide point.
This is what the stats show.
Beachy Head is a famous location in England.
People find the place quite fascinating to jump off from.
Though the number of reported successful suicides is quite less, many people attempt to jump off from this place.
Prince Edward Viaduct is a standing bridge located in Toronto, Canada.
With around 400 suicides, the place is ranked as the second most fatal location.
The place eventually became a suicide magnet.
Because of the controversy, the city cleared way for the construction of a suicide barrier.
Since the construction of that luminous veil, the occurrences of suicide have been minimal.
Eiffel Tower is not far behind in casualty count.
Many jumped off from this beautiful monument.
Some of these suicide attempts failed, one was blown on to a rafter by the wind while other met a tragic end.
What a pretty way to end your life! 7.
Coronado Bridge located in San Diego, California is another famous suicide spot.
The bridge got its reputation as the deadliest suicide spot of USA.
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