Text Message Advertising: Your Business Depends On It

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Still trying to attract customers using the same old methods? The game has changed. Your customers moved. You better move with them and you better use mobile marketing to engage them and notice you.

Newspaper advertising is all but dead. Magazines are on life support. TV and Radio audiences are shrinking. And in the past 30 years did billboards ever really work? Forget about shotgun approach advertising and think rifle. Pray and spray doesn't work. Talk to thousands that don't care or hundreds that do?

The new name of advertising is mobile. You see people of all ages working over their cellular and smart phones like crazy. Most carry these slick devices with them at all day and take them to bed at night. They use them to organize their work and their life. They use them to receive and share valuable information.

Smart business owners know sending messages via text messages is their future. Embrace this technology or die. It is the shortest distance to not only a sale but also fanatical customer loyalty and viral marketing.

Text message advertising is simple and cheap and incredibly effective. Messages are typically limited to 140 characters or so making it very appealing to our time-strapped lifestyle and most services cost only pennies per message sent.

The text services are strictly permission based! A request is made for patrons of a business to join the "text club". After they've opted in, money saving offers and coupons are sent directly to the subscribers' phone. According to research, more than 95% will read the message and 20% to 70% will act on it. More than 25% will also forward the offer to a friend without being prompted to do so.

Text message advertising or mobile marketing is a must for business of all types. Most use it to drive incremental business but others see benefits using it for branding. In either case, text message advertising is here to stay and for good reason. It is the latest and greatest weapon in the battle to win market share. It moves with your customers and talks to them in a personal, engaging way. Isn't that what real advertising is supposed to do?
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