Erotic and Sexual Breast Massage Instructions to Magnify Desire

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Men should take note, because I am about to provide some information on the importance of erotic and sensual breast massage instructions in sex that can bring about a breast orgasm.
The ancient knowledge of tantra informs us that the woman's positive pole is her breasts, and her negative pole is her vulva.
In men, the opposite is true.
The negative pole is the heart vicinity, and the positive pole is the penis The Fundamentals of Sexual Attraction The positive attracts the negative in sex, just like in magnets..
Energy flows forcefully and effortlessly when a woman and man meet who have a lot of sexual tension.
Men enjoy stimulating their penis, the positive pole, in the beginning stages of sex while women need to start by opening their emotions and heart from the breast vicinity.
Mistakes Most Men Make in Foreplay The majority of men usually stimulate the woman's negative pole first while ignoring the positive pole.
When this happens, there's a good chance the woman will not want to have intercourse that night.
So, we can now see how important sensual breast stimulation is.
Breast Massage Advice Devoting a lot of time to licking, kissing, blowing on and touching the breasts makes it possible for a woman to open.
You could softly touch the breasts with some fur.
The energy then flows down to her genital area.
The next time you have sex, devote 20 minutes to enjoying the femininity and supple nature of her breasts.
She will feel more loved if you spend a lot of time on this part of her body.
Keep communication open with her about how she likes her breasts touched by asking simple yes or no questions during breast stimulation.
Each woman likes to be touched in various ways.
Breast Orgasms With the right stimulation, some particularly sensitive women can experience breast orgasms as a result of sexual breast massage.
This can happen if the breast massage lasts for at least 20 minutes.
Go slowly and find out what takes place! Rather than making a concrete lovemaking goal, pay attention to the pleasure you're giving and receiving instead, and lovemaking can start to be something infinite.
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