Do You Still Consider Yourself a Newbie?

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If you have been marketing online for a year or more, you are not a newbie anymore.
If you have a web site, and autoresponder, sending traffic to a squeeze page, and have some experience writing Articles, than you not.
My guess is that you are still looking for the secret.
Well the good new is there is no secret.
If you working hard to make sales, getting opt-ins, chasing traffic etc, and you fell stressed out than it's time to move to the up.
  The next level, what is that?  My personal experience was this, I was doing that, but was very unhappy, and I wasn't making any money.
Change your Belief System and your will add some zeros to your income.
Travel to Google and download a copy of "Spiritual Marketing" by Joe Vitale.
  It's a free e-book about how to add this to you marketing efforts.
Type it in just like I have it above, and you will find a free download.
Most Marketers are like woodpeckers, they keep beating their heads up against a wall expecting things to change, by wishing.
Today, people are not interested in how good your product is, they want to know how to make money.
Learn how to tell them what they want to hear, and your income will rise drastically.
  Now, I will freely tell you this.
I would not have said that a few years ago, but things have changed.
No one cares about AdWords.
What they want is and effective advertising program that will make them money.
Well, you want to money, right? Learn how to say that in as many ways as possible.
After you read Spiritual Marketing you learn how to clear your belief system from those old thoughts that you have been caring around since you were a child.
Build some new ones, and sit back and watch the money roll in.
You can apply this to any niche product, and or service.
You have to dive down into the core of what they really want, don't feed them that pat line about how good it is.
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