A Free, Fool Proof Way To Increase Your Internet Rankings So Simple You"ll Kick Yourself

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With SEO getting harder to both justify in terms of time and monetary investment and getting any beneficial improvement in your rankings from it - there are still some simple things you can do to get a higher profile for your business on the web.
One of the things that Google seems to like is proof that you're a real business - and the more proof it gets the better your raking, and interestingly some of the online directory websites can be useful in this respect for doing just that.
It appears that at the moment Google usually ranks them well for your company name - probably not as well as your own website - but probably above other references to your clinic name or related keywords.
You can think of being in directories as both brand management and SEO.
NOTE: everything that follows is predicated on the idea that you actually 'want' people to contact you...
The Yell / Yahoo / Bing free listings for example will probably rank well for your business name (unless your business name is really generic) and help push you up the rankings...
as well as keeping all your clinic information together in one place.
Have all your details together is important because Google's local / places looks for 'citations' by which I mean your business name and address and / or business name and phone number being close together on other websites.
This reinforces the idea that you're a business at a specific location and gives your Google places listing a boost - which often appears above the search results anyway! Lastly Google gives extra weight to 'citations' from 'authority sites' (although with its constantly changing algorithms and criteria heaven only knows how it decides what is an authority site!) but it certainly seems to treat the big ones like Yell, Scoot, localdatasearch and bizwiki as authority sites and I've proved to my satisfaction many times that being in there with identical business name and address boosts your Google places ad for any keywords it comes up for relative to competitors, and generally for searches for your business name Tips:
  • Register a Google places listing for your business (it's free)
  • Make sure you're company name and contact details are 'close together' in the html on your websites contact page
  • Register on Yell's free service and never say yes to the sales guys - usually Irish who phone up - tell them you've got too much business already and they've got no argument about that!
  • Once you've seen how easy it is to register on Yell look at all the other large search directories and get yourself listed on those.
When someone's searching for your company name, you've got to assume they're either: Looking to contact you - so you want the Google search page to show as many links you control to your contact details as possible.
Or their looking to find out more - again you want to control what they see - and a portion of the public still perceive the idea of a listing in the yellow pages as meaning you exist in some tangible sense (even if they never look at the Yellow Pages or other directories and the yell link being in the search results still confers a bit of the impression) Or it's a competitor - in which case who cares - it just shows you've got them worried!
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