Some Mistakes Seo Service Providers Are Likely To Make

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Search engine optimization is an exacting discipline. There are codified as well as vaguely defined rules regarding what is right and what is wrong in SEO practices. All good SEO services diligently learn the rules of the internet world and the changing algorithms of search engines. Without a thorough knowledge of these, an SEO service will not be able to work on their clients sites to give them a good ranking in search engine results. However, search engine rules are continuously evolving so that some regulations remain in a limbo as far as authenticity is concerned. Further, some SEO service providers may fail to keep abreast of the latest development in search engine rules. Because of these or just by sheer oversight, they may make mistakes while optimizing a website. Given below are some of the mistakes SEO services are prone to make.

Leaving orphan pages is an oversight sometimes committed by SEO services while designing a website. An orphan page is a page that is not linked to the rest of the website so that it will not be seen both by the search engines and web browsers. It is more a waste than anything else, though sometimes an orphan page could be linked externally to another site or misused. Overuse of flash is a mistake many an SEO service tends to make because flash is visually attractive and could be appealing to net surfers. But images that use flash do not optimize well and that will make websites heavy. Search engines understand text-based menus better, and many search engine bots are not trained to crawl through flash-based menus. As such, use of flash at inappropriate places will reduce the possibility of the site getting indexed.

Ads may bring in money, but good SEO services should see to it that their clients site does not have too many ads. Placing too many ads on the top half of the web page is frowned upon by Google, and its Page Layout Algorithm is programmed to spot sites that sport too many ads. SEO service providers should remember to use a strong URL which contains the main keyword for which the site is optimized, because it is best for a site from the point of view of making it search-engine-friendly. Search engine crawlers can now read keywords with symbols, numbers etc. but it is still easier for them to read a URL that contains only words. Using symbols in the URL to make the site special will only become counterproductive.

SEO services sometimes forget to check whether the links of the website are intact. Even if the links were all fine in the beginning, after a few years some of the links could become non-functional. Sometimes the external sources to which the links led would no longer exist, or their contents might have changed. Even the internal links could sometimes get broken when content is imported from any outside data source. So, when the site becomes old, the SEO service provider should occasionally check the links and repair the broken ones. Failing to optimize images is a mistake many SEO services make. When full size images are retained on a website, the site will become heavy and will take a long time to load. Optimized images will make a site fast and easily navigable.
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