Network Marketing Prospecting Vs Pitching

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What is Prospecting Prospecting is finding out what someone really needs.
Is that particular person in need of what you are offering? What you are offering must be something of value to that person.
You want to make sure that are suitable for what you are offering.
Learn the difference between fishing and hunting for prospects.
It's not just going to Facebook and posting your information on their wall or approaching anyone that is within a 3 foot radius of you.
You're going to have to learn how to leverage using the tools your company has provided for you.
Prospecting is like fishing, your information is your bait.
You want to expose them to your information and see who responds and then you reel them in (follow through).
You Need A System For Prospecting You've got to have a system or process in place to pre-qualify your prospect.
When prospecting, just like fishing you give your prospects the food (value) first to catch them alive and then you see if they fit.
Just like fishing if it doesn't fit your standards, you let them go.
In network marketing you are in a sorting game.
It is not a business for everyone! Not everyone will succeed.
To become a master marketer you need to understand when prospecting, not everyone will be of value to and for your team.
If you don't expose your business to 4-5 people a day everyday, you will not succeed.
You want to have consistency and that is what will contribute to your success.
Just think about it; if you were training 1 or 2 days out of the week you will never see the results you are trying to achieve; it's the same thing with prospecting.
There's no difference.
Daily exposure is everything...
this cannot be expressed enough.
You want to teach your prospects how to use the tools.
The people making the money during the gold rush were the people who sold the tools.
You have to learn how to personalize this question based on the relationship you have with that individual...
Are you interested in making money outside of what you do? First, see what they're looking for.
If they are skeptical don't waste your time.
Let them know about your opportunity first before you get into the details with them.
Let's say you're selling drills.
You don't want to go around like a raving maniac yelling that you're selling drills, you want to make sure they are in the right mindset and want to purchase a drill.
Teach them first.
Offer them something free to educate them about your opportunity.
They will come to you first because you've shown them you are an expert.
What is Pitching? Pitching means hunting, you're shooting guns so whenever you catch up with what you're shooting at, is dead.
That's the difference between fishing and hunting.
When you start off telling them about the facts and details of your business opportunity and they didn't ask, you're shooting them dead.
This is a non-effective way of exposing your business.
You want to make sure they want to make money outside of their business.
Teach them first.
Your presentation must begin with teaching them first.
You want to make sure their answer is an absolute YES otherwise you'll be wasting your time.
Pitching is:
  • Posting on someone else's wall
  • Selling when nobody asked
  • You don't know them
Here's a Shameless Promotion:
  • They should be inside your mailing list (people you know)
  • You have a relationship with them
  • They already follow you
  • The promotion provides TRUE value
Let me reiterate.
What is Prospecting?
  • Exposure
  • Fishing (giving value)
  • Catching them alive
  • Knowing how to drill
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