Decorating With the Color Pink

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When most people think of pink, they think of a little girl's bedroom.
The color has quickly become popular for decorating all over the home, and is no longer just thought of as a color that little girls love.
While the color can become intrusive if used in a house with men, there are ways to add subtle hints of pink without being insulting to the man of the house.
You can also over do the color with décor, since it is a different color than most people choose, but there are many ways to incorporate the color into your home that will not be over-powering to visitors.
A great way to do this is by using pink paint on accent walls as opposed to a whole room.
You can use neutral walls and pair it with your favorite shade of pink on only a wall or two within the home.
You can use wall décor such as clocks and pictures that contain your favorite color of pink on the neutral painted walls to help bring the room together.
In bathrooms, using only pink accessories will give the room enough pink without overdoing it.
Painting the walls pink and then having pink accessories may be too much in a room that is small.
Pink rugs will also set the mood for a room, especially bathrooms.
If you love it in the kitchen, a rug paired with an accent wall and an appliance or two will give your kitchen a fabulous retro vintage feel.
Minor items you can place around the home to give only subtle hints would be lamps, lampshades, utensils, or wall hangings.
A popular trend these days is to do a home office in pink.
You can find anything you would typically use in an office available in the color pink.
This includes all the office supplies you can dream of! Even computers are sold in the color pink these days! So pink is not just for little girls, and if you love the color enough it is okay to decorate the home with it! It does not have to display childish looks, as it can be used in a mature manner when used throughout the home.
Not over doing it is the key to making it fit into any home, and the man in your life will appreciate that he does not have to live in a complete pink world!
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