How to Replace the Power Window Motor on a 1995 Silverado

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    • 1). Pry the Silverado's window switch and door lock switch out of the door panel using the trim tool. Unclip the wiring connectors from both switches by hand.

    • 2). Remove the Phillips-head screws holding the door panel to the Silverado's door using the Phillips screwdriver. Pry the door panel off the door using the trim tool to unseat the trim pins. Lift the panel upward to clear the lock knob before pulling it off the door by hand.

    • 3). Reach into the Silverado's door, and grab the base of the window glass with both hands. Lift the window glass up as far as it will go, and attach it to the top of the Silverado's window frame with packing tape.

    • 4). Unclip the wiring harness from the back side of the window motor by hand. Remove the two bolts holding the window motor to the Silverado's door and regulator using your socket set.

    • 5). Pull the old window motor out of the Silverado's door by hand. Put the new window motor in by hand. Bolt the new motor to the regulator and door with your socket set.

    • 6). Plug the wiring connector into the new window motor by hand. Reinstall the Silverado's door panel by reversing the removal method. Take the packing tape off the door before using the window.

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