Growing Barley Grass Using Summit Matsu Chillers in order to feed livestock in desert like climate

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Summit Matsu Chillers were carefully selected by industry leader Global Fodder to design and manufacture the refrigeration unit which is used in their project to export Global Fodder's Excel module to an extremely agriculturally challenged environment in the Middle East in order to feed livestock.

Global Fodder Solutions manufactures climate controlled Barley Grass, growing modules inside shipping containers, providing a secure source of fodder for live stock in places where traditional grazing lands or fodder production is unreliable. Global Fodder's Excel Module is a fully self contained machine which operates independently of the external climatic conditions. The strong build allows it to be transported almost anywhere in the world. With 90% of the units currently operating in the Middle East, they are proven to be able to operate reliably with outside temperatures reaching above 50°C and are designed to function in climates reaching down to -25°C. The state of the art heating, cooling and air purification technology, lighting and water management allow trays of fully grown fresh fodder to be produced in a seven day cycle; this continuous cycle provides a constant supply of fresh fodder all year round. With a unique design that allows the units to recycle up to 70% of their daily water usage, the Global Fodder Solutions Excel Modules offer superior fodder solutions for the most challenging of agricultural environments.

The harsh climate of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East presents significant problems for growing food for livestock, including fodder. Whilst vast improvements have been made in irrigation networks to provide water to the vastly barren deserts of Saudi Arabia, ensuring that livestock have sufficient food remains the task of fodder producers as the area is unable to support the large grazing areas that wetter climates enjoy. The ability of Global Fodder Solutions to provide pesticide and herbicide free natural fodder in dry, hot areas relies heavily on reliable chilling equipment to maintain container temperature at a safe level to inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria which would adversely affect livestock. Through working closely with Global Fodder Solutions, Summit Matsu Chillers was able to design and manufacture refrigeration units to fit within the shipping containers and is the preferred supplier of Global Fodder's range of chillers for its Excel Modules.

The need for the highest quality, most reliable chillers to maintain the operating temperature within safe levels is imperative to the continuation of Global Fodder's projects in the Middle East. Maintaining an internal operating temperature cool enough to inhibit the growth of harmful bacterium is a crucial aspect of the Excel Fodder Module. Matt Reid, Construction Manager at Global Fodder's Saudi Arabia site, noted that the consequences of unreliable cooling equipment would be dire, "If the climate inside the containers were to exceed 18.6° Celsius, we would see an outbreak of bacteria on the root mat of our grass, which is extremely harmful to cattle," he stated, "If cattle were to die, our brand name in the Middle East would be ruined". In order to ensure that their chillers are the most reliable on the market, Summit Matsu Chillers use only the highest quality parts and equipment in the creation of their refrigeration units. "Certainly there are cheaper cooling options on the market especially when you consider companies that import and resell their chillers" Daniel Rollston, General Manager of Summit Matsu commented, "But when it comes down to it, I think most businesses would prefer to pay a bit more for a quality machine which they know is made from high quality parts, especially when the cost of a break down or fault would be disastrous both economically and for the company's reputation". For companies like Global Fodder Solutions, having a reliable chiller is a consideration that directly affects their businesses success or failure in the region.

Summit Matsu Chillers worked closely with Global Fodder Solutions in the design stage to provide a cooling solution that would fit within the confines of the machinery cabinet which is located within the shipping container itself. The need to utilise as little space of possible was pertinent to maintaining as large a production capacity as possible. "We had been looking for a system that would work with us," Mr Reid commented "[Summit] Matsu came to the party, re-designing and improving what we were attempting to do ourselves. They were a great help." The refrigeration system for each shipping container was comprised of a compressor and condenser unit producing 6kW of cooling. The condensing unit was manufactured according to the specification of the task, making it particularly compact, measuring a mere 1 meter long, 56cm deep and 43cm high to maximise the internal space available for the fodder to be grown whilst still producing the cooling capacity necessary for the high ambient temperatures of the Middle East. Summit Matsu Chillers offer a standard range of chillers to suit almost any cooling problem, and are also able to tailor their products where the site or specifications are particularly unique.

Summit Matsu Chillers has been in the refrigeration industry for over 45 years which makes them experts when it comes to manufacturing chillers. Over this time they have developed a reputation for being the most reliable chillers on the market as a result of the excellent quality of the compartments, the industry experience, technical expertise as well as their dedication to reducing power consumption, increasing R & D, and continuously updating their range of chillers as technology and capacity improvements take place.

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