Do Dogs Need DHLPP Every Year?

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    Adequate Protection

    • The main reason most veterinarians recommend giving your dog a yearly DHLPP vaccine is a simple one: to be absolutely sure your pet is well-protected against each of these potentially deadly illnesses. While some tests have shown that dogs may carry antibodies for distemper and parvovirus for as long as three years, that does not guarantee full immunity. In addition, the portion of the vaccine that protects against leptospirosis has been shown to be effective for only up to a year.

    Contagious Illnesses

    • Complete and adequate protection against all of the diseases included in the DHLPP vaccine is vital not only for your dog, but also for you and other people and animals that may come into close contact with your pet. Most of these diseases are contagious and can be passed to other animals and to people, often with dire consequences. Leptospirosis, for instance, can cause liver and kidney failure in humans. Distemper is nearly always fatal in ferrets, which are very susceptible to it.

    Business Policies

    • Even if your veterinarian has not recommended a yearly DHLPP vaccine, you may still want your dog to have it. Many pet-related businesses require the pets with which they deal to be up-to-date on a number of vaccinations, including DHLPP. If you plan to board your dog, it is almost certain that the kennel or doggie daycare will ask for proof that your pet has been given this vaccine within the past year. Grooming services may require the vaccine as well.

    Other Vaccines

    • DHLPP is not the only vaccine which should be given on a regular basis. Rabies vaccines are required by law, though after the first vaccination, which is good for a year, this shot may be given every three years. Most veterinarians also recommend a yearly vaccination against bordatella, particularly for dogs that come in contact with other animals at boarding kennels or dog parks.

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