New Gel Skin for iPhone 5

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Have you been looking for an iPhone 5 Gel Skin?

If you have been, you happen to be looking at the proper article. Read on and we'll give you what we think is the very best iPhone 5 Gel Skin you can find!
Currently, often when we think about "Gel Skin" or perhaps "Gel Case", we think of of TPU cases.

Trust us, the aforementioned is not what we are speaking about. These iPhone 5 Gel Skins as well as iPhone 5 Gel Cases are gruesome. They turn your stunning iPhone 5 into something very cheap looking, and plus they create unnecessary bulk on your unit. We're convinced Johnny Ive (of Apple) cries himself to sleep nightly when he sees people using TPU cases.

Guess what else? More often than not these types of "Gel Skins" are not made from gel at all! They are constructed with low cost TPU materials that is plasticky and offers no benefit compared to an authentic gel skin.

iPhone 5 Gel Skin vs . Normal Skin

You can also end up wondering, what's the real difference between the iPhone 5 Gel Skin and a normal iPhone sticker skin? Whilst both are deemed skin items for the iPhone, the normal iPhone stickers you'll find from Amazon or even eBay are simply that, some sticker label. They will add almost no protection for your unit (aside from preventing scratches), and the main gain is incorporating some design to your iPhone. Lack of protection aside, many times these stickers simply make your iPhone 5 seem like a kid's toy. The iPhone 5 is definitely an industrial layout marvel so please show it off!

Do you know the Benefits of iPhone 5 Gel Skin

There are several crucial positive aspects an iPhone 5 Gel Skin has over normal skins as well as iPhone 5 cases. Compared to a normal iPhone 5 skin stickers, your gel skin gives far better protection as well as impact absorption. Whenever you place your iPhone 5 on the table, you can accomplish it without concern since the gel provides support. Moreover, the gel skin provides far better grip compared to a normal skin, and offers anti-slip components so that you don't by accident flick your iPhone off of the table.

Compared to cases, an iPhone 5 Gel skin is much more streamlined as well as contributes absolutely no bulkiness. Your iPhone 5 is designed to be displayed, and you can't do this with a large case.

Slip Stopper -- The very best iPhone 5 Gel Skin

This is when we come in with Slip Stopper. We're not going to make this into a sales pitch, but we do encourage you to check us out. Slip Stopper is a trim gel skin on your iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, as well as Samsung Galaxy S III that adds grip with no mass. It's made out of a superior quality gel plastic resin and feels amazing.
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